Bio Pro - SeaXtra Biostimulant Pellets - Box of 12

Bio Pro - SeaXtra Biostimulant Pellets - Box of 12
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Bio Pro - SeaXtra Biostimulant Pellets - Box of 12

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  • Minimize or eliminate LDS
  • Reduce hand watering
  • Stimulate Deeper Root Growth
  • Encourage Greater Root Mass
  • Improve Nutrient Uptake

Localized Dry Spots (LDS) caused by hydrophobic soil conditions can result in more than just wilting, browning, and the decline of turf quality. As the signs of drought stress become apparent, additional damage is being done below the surface. When hydrophobic conditions persist, root desiccation occurs resulting in weaker plants that may struggle to recover even after water re-enters the soil system.

Going beyond traditional wetting agent pellets, SeaXtra Water Penetrating Pellets contain a unique formulation of non-ionic, non-toxic surfactants enhanced with SeaXtra Seaweed Extract. Designed for use on all types of turf grasses, annuals and perennials, SeaXtra Water Penetrating Pellets effectively combat persistent hydrophobic conditions while simultaneously providing beneficial bioactive substances to help plants maximize their natural potential for root development.

Active Ingredients:

Propoxylated Polyethylene Glycol
SeaXtra Seaweed Extract

For Use On:

  • All types of turf grasses
  • Annuals and perennials


SeaXtra Water Penetrating Pellets are non-phytotoxic and can be applied any time of year. The application of 1 SeaXtra Water Penetrating Pellet per 12,000 SQ FT applies enough active ingredients to equal the monthly maintenance rate of liquid SeaXtra.

General Application: Using a standard hose-end tablet or pellet applicator, apply SeaXtra Water Penetrating Pellets at monthly intervals anytime throughout the growing season.

Turf: Apply SeaXtra Water Penetrating Pellets monthly at 1 pellet per 12,000 SQ FT during hand watering and/or syringing.

Sod: Apply SeaXtra Water Penetrating Pellets at 1 pellet per 8,000 SQ FT at sod installation. Maintain monthly at the above turf rate.

See Label for complete application instructions.