BASF - Black Onyx Lake and Pond Colorant-Liquid - 1 GAL BTL
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BASF - Black Onyx Lake and Pond Colorant-Liquid - 1 GAL BTL


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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 4
  • Liquid Lake and Pond Colorant
  • Creates the natural look of reflective black water
  • Will not harm fish, waterfowl and other animals
  • Professional quality high concentrate

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Black Onyx™ Liquid Lake and Pond Colorant is a high concentrate colorant that helps create the unique natural look of black water lakes and ponds favored in golf course and resort locations. The look of ornamental water features, water gardens, and other contained bodies of water will also be enhanced by the use of Black Onyx™.

Black Onyx™ will transform pale, off-colored water to a decorative, mirror-like black color. Water treated with Black Onyx™ may be used for irrigation. Not approved for use in potable water. There are not restrictions to fishing, swimming, or recreational water use during and following application of the product. fish, waterfowl, and animals are not harmed or discolored by this product.

Black Onyx™ may be used in conjunction with BASF's Lake Pak® WSP® or an effective nutrient management and water clarity improvement program.

This product should not be applied to streams, rivers, outflows, or water not completely controlled by the user.

Application Rates: Large water bodies: Apply 32-64 FL OZ/ SURFACE ACRE of water 4' deep.
Other water bodies: Apply 2 FL OZ/20,000 GAL of water.

Black Onyx™ should be applied near the shoreline at various locations around the lake or pond to achieve the best coverage. The amount of colorant used may be varied to achieve the desired color of the water. Reapplications of Black Onyx will help maintain the desired water color throughout the season.