Atlantic Water Gardens - SP3800 FastFalls - 3" FIPT Inlet

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Atlantic Water Gardens - SP3800 FastFalls - 3" FIPT Inlet
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Atlantic Water Gardens - SP3800 FastFalls - 3" FIPT Inlet

SKU: SP3800
  • Molded support cone give the Pro FastFalls incredible strength and help diffuse the water flow
  • 2 Internal baffles slow down the water’s velocity and ensure even water distribution across the spillway
  • Raised front radius holds back any loose gravel, soil or mulch used to camouflage the top of the unit
  • Completely sealed except for the spillway opening, eliminating any change of leakage due to ‘over pumping’

Spillway boxes diffuse incoming water flow to create the starting point of Pond-free streams and falls. Atlantic FastFalls are designed to make plumbing the top of the waterfall as easy as possible. Innovative rear liner attachment simplifies installation and eliminates leakage due to settling. Crush-proof design with internal baffles stabilized by support cones carries the weight of the largest large rock and stone.

Reinforced spillway lip retains rock, gravel, mulch or soil and can be planted to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.


  • FastFalls Spillway
  • Installation kit
  • Male thread adapter
  • One-piece liner flange

Although the FastFalls can support the heaviest rock and stone, it was also designed to retain soil, gravel and mulch perfectly. For the most natural looking camouflage possible, plant ground covers or low growing perennials directly into the pockets on top of the FastFalls to blend the FastFalls seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.