Andersons - 5% Trammel on Granlime DG Pre Emergent Herbicide - 40 LB BAG
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Andersons - 5% Trammel on Granlime DG Pre Emergent Herbicide - 40 LB BAG


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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 50
  • A selective pre-emergence herbicide for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds
  • For use on landscape ornamentals, ground covers, established flowers, bulbs, and many Agricultural crops
  • Dispersing granule technology
  • Can be soil incorporated with irrigation or rainfall
  • Great for no-till farming
  • Not for use on turf
  • Previous Part Number: APTDG5TN4.1

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This product is a preemergence herbicide for control of certain annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in container grown ornamentals, landscape ornamentals, nursery stock, ground covers, established flowers, ornamental bulbs, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, non-bearing vineyards and certain food crops. This product is a dry-applied, dispersible granule (DG) that disintegrates when wetted with water.

Active Ingredient: Trifluralin

For use on:

  • Landscape Ornamentals
  • Ground Covers
  • Established Flowers
  • Ornamental Bulbs
  • Non-Bearing Fruit and Nut Trees
  • Non-Bearing Vineyards
  • See Label for complete list

Weeds Controlled

  • Bluegrass, annual
  • Crabgrass
  • Chickweed, common
  • Foxtail
  • Goosegrass
  • Ryegrass, annual
  • Thistle, russian
  • See label for complete list


1.8 LBS/1000 SQ FT – refer to label for specific crop rates and use recommendations.

Apply this product before or after planting but prior to germination of target weeds, or immediately after cultivation. Length of weed control will vary with weed population, potting media or soil conditions, temperature, watering regime, and other factors. Following application, user should monitor and observe level of weed control over time to determine when additional applications may be needed. Do not make repeat applications sooner than 60 days after a previous application of this product.

This product is a dry-applied, dispersible granule (DG) that disintegrates when wetted with water. Each granule is constructed of thousands of tiny sub-particles that disperse with rainfall or irrigated with at least 0.2” or preferably 0.5” of water. This effectively incorporates the tiny sub-particles into the soil for incorporation with irrigation or rainfall. Incorporation of this product is vital to effective weed control.

This product does not control established weeds. Existing weeds should be controlled by cultivation or with postemergence herbicides. Weed residues, prunings and trash should be removed or thoroughly mixed into soil prior to treatment. Soil should be in good condition and free of clods at the time of application. A single rainfall or sprinkler irrigation of 0.5” or more, is required to activate this product. Optimum weed control is obtained when this product is activated within 3 days of application. If rainfall or irrigation has not occurred within 3 days of application and tillage is possible, this product may be activated using cultivation equipment capable of uniformly mixing the herbicide into the upper 1-2” of soil. Failure to activate this product within 3 days of application may result in erratic weed control. Do not apply when wind conditions favor drift of these product granules from the target area.

Optimum weed control will be obtained when followed by overhead irrigation or rainfall within a few hours after surface application.

Restrictions – please see label