Andersons - 21-0-4 Fertilizer with Merit - SGN 215 - 50 LB BAG

Andersons - 21-0-4 Fertilizer with Merit - SGN 215 - 50 LB BAG
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Andersons - 21-0-4 Fertilizer with Merit - SGN 215 - 50 LB BAG

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  • For fertilization and insect control in turfgrass and landscape ornamentals and sod farms. Fertilizer with MERIT® Insecticide.
  • Sufficient residual activity
  • Make application prior to anticipated pest infestation
  • Systemic activity

For fertilization and insect control in turfgrass and landscape ornamentals and sod farms. Fertilizer with MERIT® Insecticide.

Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid

Use Sites:

  • Turfgrass areas consisting of:
  • home lawns
  • school grounds
  • nursing homes and hospital grounds
  • city, county, state, municipal and federal grounds
  • business and office complexes
  • shopping complexes, multi-family residential complexes
  • golf courses
  • airports
  • churches
  • cemeteries
  • parks, playgrounds
  • athletic fields
  • sod farms


  • northern and southern masked chafers, Cyclocephala borealis, C. immaculata, and/or C. lurida
  • Asiatic garden beetle, Maladera castanea
  • European chafer, Rhizotrogus majalis
  • Green June beetle, Cotinus nitida
  • May or June beetles, Phyllophaga spp.
  • Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica
  • Oriental beetle, Anomala orientalis
  • Euetheola humulis rugiceps
  • sugarcane beetle, Euetheola humulis rugiceps, billbugs, Sphenophorus spp.
  • annual bluegrass weevil, Listronotus maculicollis
  • Black turfgrass ataenius, Ataenius spretulus
  • Aphodius spp.
  • crane flies Tipula spp.,
  • mole crickets, Scapteriscus spp.


50 LBS treats 14,200 SQ FT (0.33 ACRE) at the 150 LBS product/ACRE - LOW RATE (3.5 LBS/1,000 SQ FT)
50 LBS treats 11,100 SQ FT (0.25 ACRE) at the 200 LBS product/ACRE - HIGH RATE (4.5 LBS/1,000 SQ FT)

The active ingredient in this product has sufficient residual activity so that applications can be made preceding the egg laying activity of the target pests. High levels of control can be achieved when applications are made preceding or during the egg laying period. The need for an application can be based on historical monitoring of the site, previous records or experiences, current season adult trapping or other methods. Optimum control will be achieved when applications are made prior to egg hatch of the target pest, followed by sufficient irrigation or rainfall to move the active ingredient through the thatch.
Adequate distribution of the active ingredient cannot be achieved when these conditions exist. The treated turf must be in such a condition that the rainfall or irrigation will penetrate vertically into the soil profile.

Apply this product uniformly over the area being treated with typical granular application equipment. Both drop-type and rotary-type spreaders may be used to apply this product. Avoid the use of spreaders which would apply the material in narrow, concentrated bands. Calibrate application equipment prior to use according to the manufacturer’s directions. Check frequently to be sure equipment is working properly and distributing granules uniformly and accurately

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • Not for use in commercial greenhouses, or nurseries.
  • This product is highly toxic to aquatic invertebrates. Do not apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment washwaters.
  • This chemical demonstrates the properties and characteristics associated with chemicals detected in groundwater. The use of this chemical in areas where soils are permeable, particularly where the water table is shallow, may result in groundwater contamination.
  • Do not apply this product, by any application method, to linden, basswood, or other Tilia species.
  • Do not apply more than 200 lb (0.4 lb of active ingredient) per acre per year.
  • For optimum control, irrigate if rainfall does not occur, or incorporate mechanically, within 24 hours after application to move the active ingredient into the soil.
  • Avoid runoff or puddling of irrigation water following application.
  • Avoid application of this product to areas which are water-logged or saturated, which will not allow penetration into the root zone of the plant.
  • Do not apply to vegetable gardens.

See Label for complete restrictions.

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