Quali-Pro - Pac-Low Plant Growth Regulator - 1 GAL BTL

Quali-Pro - Pac-Low Plant Growth Regulator - 1 GAL BTL
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Quali-Pro - Pac-Low Plant Growth Regulator - 1 GAL BTL

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  • Slowed vertical growth and reduced mowing
  • Improved and extended fertilizer performance when combined with a nitrogen fertilizer
  • Reduced potential for scalping of all turfgrass areas
  • Increased density and tighter-knit turf areas on hybrid Bermuda grass
  • Suppression of Poa annua by reducing growth and competitiveness

Pac-Low™is a plant growth regulator for non-residential turfgrass that reduces growth for up to 2 months after application. The frequency of mowing can be reduced by up to 50% during the period of effective growth reduction. Use Pac-Low™on fine turf accompanied by moderate-to-high fertility to maintain turfgrass appearance and reduce discoloration. Growth and development of some grasses (e.g., Poa annua) can be significantly reduced, leading to selective control after prolonged use in mixed populations.

Active Ingredient:


Use Sites:

  • Turfgrasses (Warm-Season and Cool-Season)
  • Non-Residential Turf Areas
  • See label for complete list


Do not use on residential lawns. Do not use on Bermuda grass putting greens except for winter over-seeding enhancement. See label for complete directions and application instructions.

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