Harco - 1-1/2" Quick Coupler Anchor
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Harco - 1-1/2" Quick Coupler Anchor

SKU: 82202

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  • Prevents quick coupler valves from loosening
  • Fits inside most valve boxes — no cutting required
  • 90° angle was chosen to provide restraint in all horizontal direction

The problem: quick coupling valves becoming unscrewed from swing joints — a dangerous situation during valve operation. The solution: HARCO’s new Quick Coupler Anchor — designed to help avoid this potentially dangerous occurrence from happening.

HARCO’s Quick Coupler Anchor securely attaches to the base of the quick coupler valve. Once embedded in the soil, the Anchor prevents movement of the quick coupler. It will fit inside most valve boxes and, unlike similar products, there is no need to cut the valve box to make it fit. This benefit saves valuable installation time while also retaining the structural integrity of the valve box.

Unlike other designs, the 90° angle was chosen to provide restraint in all horizontal directions. The tines are oriented to go deep instead of wide, away from potentially soggy (and less stable) soil near the surface. The HARCO Quick Coupler Anchor is made from high strength ductile iron and comes in two sizes. Product #82201 fits all 3/4” and 1” valves and Product #82202 fits all 1-1/2” valves


  • Body — Ductile Iron, ASTM A536
  • Bolt — Stainless Steel, Type 316

Suggested Specifications
Quick Coupler Anchors shall restrain rotational, vertical, and horizontal motions of the quick coupler valve. They shall be cast in one piece of ductile iron and attach to the quick coupler valve by means of a hexagonal receptacle and a single Type 316 stainless steel bolt. The Anchor shall have two tines aligned vertically and oriented 90° to each other. These tines shall extend a minimum of 6” below the plane of the attachment. The Anchor shall fit within valve boxes without cutting the box. All Quick Coupler Anchors shall be HARCO as manufactured by the Harrington Corporation of Lynchburg, Virginia.