Aquascape - Waterfall Spillway

Aquascape - Waterfall Spillway
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Aquascape - Waterfall Spillway

SKU: 77000

This compact, yet extremely strong Waterfall Spillway is positioned at the starting point of the waterfalls. The pipe from your waterfall pump is connected to the back of the Waterfall Spillway, where the incoming rush of water is diffused by strategically positioned internal barriers. These barriers help calm the water down, providing a smooth flowing waterfall through the front of the Waterfall Spillway. It is easy to disguise - compact, yet extremely strong design allows boulders, logs, gravel, soil or other creative landscape material to be set directly on top of the Waterfall Spillway, helping to camouflage it into the surrounding landscape.


  • Size: 17-1/2"L X 24"W X 5"H
  • Spillway: 22" Spillway
  • Capacity: Flows up to 7,500 gal.
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Includes: 2" PVC slip fitting