BASF - Pillar® G Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide

BASF - Pillar® G Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide
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BASF - Pillar® G Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide

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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 50
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  • Dense particle with excellent spreading characteristics
  • Controls more diseases
  • Labeled for use on most turfgrasses for both lawns and golf
  • Provides healthier and higher quality turf, especially during stressful periods

Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide is a combination of pyraclostrobin (the active ingredient in Insignia®fungicide) and triticonazole (the active ingredient in Trinity® fungicide) on a granular carrier. This combination of two effective active ingredients delivers disease control on numerous disease problems that challenge turf managers today. Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide also offers plant health benefits in the form of stress management including drought/moisture and temperature extremes. In addition, treated turf has also shown increased root length and density. It is formulated on a clay granule that provides excellent spreading characteristics due to its density and uniform particle size. The active ingredient moves quickly off of the granule after irrigation or precipitation so that it can protect turfgrass soon after application.


Active Ingredients:

Pyraclostrobin, Triticonazole


Site Uses:

  • Turfgrasses (Warm- and Cool- Season)
  • Golf Courses
  • Commercial and Residential Lawns
  • Parks
  • Sports Fields
  • See label for complete list

Diseases Controlled

  • Anthracnose
  • Snow Molds
  • Dollar Spot
  • Brown Patch
  • Necrotic Ring Spot
  • Pythium
  • Rust
  • Take-all Patch
  • See label for complete list


See label for all application instructions and restrictions.

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