Mojave 70EG - 5 LB Bag

Mojave 70EG - 5 LB Bag
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Mojave 70EG - 5 LB Bag

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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 10
  • NOT FOR SALE TO: CA & NY. Must use surfactant with this product for effective results. Use Influence 1400 (INFL) at 1/2 OZ/GAL of water.
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  • A dispersible granule intended to be mixed with water and surfactant(s) for application to non-crop areas
  • Controls most annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds
  • Can be used for weed control under paved surfaces

Alligare Mojave 70 EG is a dispersible granule intended to be mixed with water and surfactant(s) for application to non-cropland areas such as railroad, utility, pipeline and highway rights-of-way, utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, pumping installations, fence rows, storage areas, farmyards and around farm buildings, non-irrigation ditchbanks and other similar areas where bare ground is desired. Alligare Mojave 70 EG may also be used for weed control under paved surfaces.

When applied either preemergence or postemeregence to weeds, Alligare Mojave 70 EG will control most annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in addition to many brush and vine species and Alligare Mojave 70 EG will provide residual control of labeled weeds which germinate in the treated areas. For annual weed control, preferably apply Alligare Mojave 70 EG either at late preemergence-to-early postemergence for best results. For perennial weed control, Alligare Mojave 70 EG must be applied postemergence to the target weeds, since it will not control un-emerged perennial weeds. For maximum effect, weeds should be growing vigorously at the time of postemergence application and the spray solution should include a surfactant (See ADJUVANTS Section on the label for recommendations.) Alligare Mojave 70 EG solutions may be broadcast by using ground or aerial equipment, or may be applied as a spot treatment by using low-volume techniques.

Active Ingredient: Imazapyr, Diuron

For use on:

  • Non-cropland areas
  • Anywhere bare ground is desired

Weeds Controlled

  • Annual bluegrass
  • Annual ryegrass
  • Bermudagrass
  • Crabgrass
  • Goosegrass
  • Quackgrass
  • Clover
  • Common ragweed
  • Primrose
  • See Label for complete list of weeds, grasses, vines, brambles and brush


Directions for use:
Always use a spray adjuvant for postemergence applications of Alligare Mojave 70 EG.

Mix Alligare Mojave 70 EG as described on the label and apply with properly calibrated equipment to uniformly deliver the desired spray volume to the treatment area. Maintain adequate agitation during application to keep Alligare Mojave 70 EG suspended in spray mixture.

Apply Alligare Mojave 70 EG at 7 to 19 LBS/ACRE. Rates as low as 5 LBS of Alligare Mojave 70 EG/ACRE may be used, but must be tank mixed with another herbicide (see TANK MIXES Section on label). For retreatment within the same growing season, use less than 7 LBS Alligare Mojave 70 EG/ACRE.

Application rates are significantly affected by rainfall amounts. See label for rates based on annual rainfall amounts.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • DO NOT apply more than a total of 19 LBS Alligare Mojave 70 EG per ACRE in a 12-month period.
  • This product is not recommended for use under pavement on residential properties such as driveways or parking lots, nor in recreational areas such as under bike or jogging paths, golf cart paths, or tennis courts, or where landscape plantings could be anticipated.
  • DO NOT apply where the chemical may contact the roots of desirable trees or other plants.
  • DO NOT move soil following Alligare Mojave 70 EG application.
  • DO NOT allow treated soil to wash or move from treated areas into untreated areas.
  • DO NOT apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is pre- sent or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. DO NOT contaminate water when cleaning equipment or disposing of equipment washwaters.

See Label for complete restrictions.

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