Aquascape - Tsurumi 5PL Pump

Aquascape - Tsurumi 5PL Pump
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Aquascape - Tsurumi 5PL Pump

SKU: 29976

Tsurumi sets the standard when it comes to pumps. They are world-renowned for their quality, dependability and performance. Tsurumi's engineers have designed our new pump line to be hydraulically "dialed" into the typical lower head water garden applications. This helps ensure that the pump is performing in its ideal operating range resulting in less vibration and wear and tear on the pump, ultimately resulting in longer pump life. The 8PN model provides good performance at high head heights

Pump Performance:

  • GPH: 5000
  • Watts: 660
  • Discharge: 2" Female
  • Operating Cost/Month: $49.67
  • Max Head: 22'
  • Includes: 20' cord
  • Weight: 18.65 lbs.