Multi Fittings - 4" PVC Sewer Wye H X H X H

Multi Fittings - 4" PVC Sewer Wye H X H X H
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Multi Fittings - 4" PVC Sewer Wye H X H X H

SKU: 211-040
  • Manufacturer pack size: 18/Pack
  • Built for strength, designed for longer life
  • Sewer fittings play an essential part in any environmentally-sound wastewater collection system

4" PVC 45º Wye (H X H X H)

Industry-leading product range
Multi Fittings offers contractors and municipalities the most comprehensive range of injection-molded, solid wall and profile gravity sewer fittings in the United States.  Whether a project demands a sewage system, storm water system, ventilation system or roof drains, Multi Fittings is right for the job.

Built to higher standards
The advanced material formulation of our sewer fittings offers superior structural and impact strength for unparalleled crush-resistance, yet our fittings can flex to accommodate the extreme loads that cause rigid fittings to fail.  Multi Fittings has a unique fitting design which properly distributes loads to the surrounding bedding, while innovative structural reinforcements offer extra strength at key intersecting locations without losing flexibility.