Quest - 6-0-1 Main Event Root Profusion Fertilizer - 2.5 GAL JUG

Quest - 6-0-1 Main Event Root Profusion Fertilizer - 2.5 GAL JUG
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Quest - 6-0-1 Main Event Root Profusion Fertilizer - 2.5 GAL JUG

SKU: 2079-025
  • Provides nitrogen and potassium and balance of chelated micro nutrients
  • Root energizing fertilizer, with nutrient enhancing uptake and phosphorous assimilating technologies
  • Specifically formulated to assist in the promotion, generation, and formation of turfgrass root structure

Use Root Profusion for maximum benefit in early spring for best rooting results or in late fall if starting a root grow in program. Root Profusion can be used anytime for maximum root growth and regeneration. during stress periods on turfgrass experiencing stressful conditions or enduring high traffic conditions or where nutrient demand is high.

Root Profusion’s nitrogen is derived from 3 forms of nitrogen: urea nitrogen, potassium nitrate, and ammonium nitrate. The nitrate nitrogen, being immediately available to the plant through the water phase of absorption to both foliar and root structure, assures that it will be rapidly converted into more complex forms of nitrogen compounds within the plant. It is then used immediately for growth development enzymatic production. The potassium nitrate is concurrently used both as nitrogen source and as a potassium source for immediate root development. This form is both negatively and positivity bonded and when dissolved into the soil solution it is not absorbed by soil cations and anions and is much more available for plant uptake and assimilation. The urea form of nitrogen is slower to become available and must be broken down by nitrobacteria processes then assimilated by the plant. This three-way nitrogen management approach insures complete uptake feeding and utilization of the nitrogen compounds within the plant by foliage and by the roots.

Root Profusion potassium is in the form of potassium nitrate as mentioned above, and in the form of potassium sulfate. Potassium sulfate has very low burn potential and a very high plant absorption rate through both leaf and root tissue for maximum utilization.

Root Profusion micronutrient chelates are derived from strongly bonded ETDA forms of iron, copper, manganese and zinc. These high level chelate technologies strongly bond with the metal ions and prevent rapid conversion in the soil into unavailable forms. These high level chelates must be first broken down by soil biota and then are assimilated by the plant roots yielding a longer sustained release. Complexed sulfate forms are also contained within the product to address the need for quickly available metal ions.

Uptake Enhancement Technology –UTE

UTE is proprietary technology developed by Quest through years of testing with hundreds of trials on various plant species determining how to achieve better foliar and soil uptake of plant nutrients. This technology has been proven to release available soil nutrients and increase plant uptake, metabolism and assimilation of nutrients in both foliar and soil application methods. UTE increases biological activity in and around the root hair(s) and has been found to increase beneficial bacteria and Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in the rhizosphere.

Root Profusion also contains a very unique soil enabling phosphorous releasing technology compound. This technology helps release “locked up and unavailable soil phosphorous” that would normally be unavailable to the plant, through positive and negative enzymatic soil bonding processes. This technology has been well proven and validated in agricultural row crops but has not been widely used in turf and horticulture until now.

Root Profusion also contains a high rate of Eckilona maxima seaweed extract from the Southern Hemisphere of South Africa. This South African seaweed extract has been proven to contain high rates of auxin compounds that directly precipitate root initiation, elongation and root growth in plants, while not causing excessive foliage development.