6" Brown Mulch "Valve Box" Universal Econo Lid

6" Brown Mulch "Valve Box" Universal Econo Lid
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6" Brown Mulch "Valve Box" Universal Econo Lid

SKU: 182008

6" Brown Mulch "Valve Box" Universal Econo Lid

Replacing access box lids can be a hassle. But now, theres no need to guess what brand that buried box is, or worse yet, dig it up to find out! The locking system of HIGHLINEs truly universal 6-inch lid is stepped to fit most competitors valve boxes, so it reduces inventory and the need to order from more than one vendor. Saves time and money.


  • Constructed of recycled, environmentally-friendly SUPERFLEXON
  • Stepped locking system
  • T-Top design
  • Available in green, black, brown mulch and purple


  • Fits all 6- to 7-inch round boxes
  • Only one replacement lid required for all replacement requests
  • Reduces inventory / ordering
  • Easily interchangeable and easy to install”just turn clockwise and pull
  • Saves time and money
  • Greater top-load strength than lids made of structural foam
  • More UV- and wear-resistant than structural foam
  • T-Top design minimizes dirt in box


  • Residential
  • Commercial