Dow - Garlon 3A Specialty Post Emergent Herbicide - 2.5 GAL JUG

Dow - Garlon 3A Specialty Post Emergent Herbicide - 2.5 GAL JUG
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Dow - Garlon 3A Specialty Post Emergent Herbicide - 2.5 GAL JUG

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  • Broad-spectrum brush and broadleaf weed control
  • Translocates to control the entire plant — shoots and roots
  • The herbicide’s active ingredient disrupts the growth process within the plant by affecting enzymes unique to plants. Garlon 3A does not have a similar effect on animals or insects
  • Can be used to control dandelion, plantain, poison ivy, poison oak, ragweed, sumac and more

Use Garlon® 3A specialty herbicide for the control of woody plants and broadleaf weeds.

Vegetation managers and foresters use Garlon® 3A herbicide to control unwanted weeds, brush and trees beneath electrical power lines, along railroad beds, roadsides, pipelines, in forestry and wildlife openings, including grazed areas on these sites. The active ingredient, triclopyr, works like a growth regulator found only in plants. It enters treated vegetation through leaves and uses the plant’s own transportation system to move into the roots and leaves. It induces rapid growth, which disrupts food production, and causes the plant to die from lack of nutrients. This only happens in plants because animals do not have the same enzymes that are affected by Garlon 3A.

Active Ingredient: Triclopyr

For Use On:

  • Range and pasture
  • Forests and non-crop areas including manufacturing and storage sites, rights-of-way such as electrical power lines, communication lines, pipelines, roadsides, railroads, fence rows, and non-irrigation ditch banks
  • Around farm buildings
  • Grazed areas
  • Establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings
  • Christmas tree plantations
  • Aquatic sites
  • See label for complete list of use sites

Plants/Weeds Controlled

  • Ash
  • Dandelion
  • Plantain
  • Poison Ivey
  • Poison Oak
  • Ragweed
  • Sumac
  • See label for complete list of plants/weeds


Woody Plants: Use 2-3 GAL in enough water to make 20-100 GAL of total spray per ACRE.

Stump Treatment: Spray or paint the cut surfaces of freshly cut stumps and stubs with undiluted Garlon 3A. The cambium area next to the bark is the most vital area to wet.

Broadleaf Weed Control: Use 0.33-1.5 GAL in a total volume of 20-100 GAL/ACRE. Apply any time during the growing season. If using a backpack sprayer, a spray mixture containing 5-7.6 OZ/4 GAL of water should be used. All purple losestrife plants should be thoroughly wetted.

See label for complete application guidelines.


Do not apply this product through any kind of irrigation system.

Do not apply with a mistblower.

Do not apply directly to, or otherwise permit it to come into direct contact with grapes, tobacco, vegetable crops, flowers, or other desirable broadleaf plants. Do not allow spray drift to contact such plants.

Do not harvest hay for 14 days after application.

See label for complete list of restrictions.

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