NDS - 6" Universal Adapter Plug

NDS - 6" Universal Adapter Plug
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NDS - 6" Universal Adapter Plug

SKU: 1206
  • Manufacturer pack size: 20/Pack
  • Early order special - 5% discount if paid within 30 days of invoice or net 60 days. Approved Reinders accounts only. Minimum order of $500 - orders must ship not later than 10/31.

For use with the 12" X 12" Catch Basin Series. Use our NDS inline catch basins and grates to protect property against water damage caused by excess rainwater or irrigation. Use to collect water from downspouts, planter areas, and landscape sections. Grate filters out the bigger debris from entering your system, while letting the water flow freely through the grate and into the catch basin.

Features Include:

  • Open Surface Area: 50.76"
  • Color: Black