Weathermatic - 1" Pressure Loss Economy Valve With Flow Control

Weathermatic - 1" Pressure Loss Economy Valve With Flow Control
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Weathermatic - 1" Pressure Loss Economy Valve With Flow Control

SKU: 12024EF-10
  • Manufacturer pack size: 24/Pack
  • 100% water tested
  • 200 PSI rating
  • Unique reverse flow sorting design permits equal pressure distribution on both sides of the diaphragm, regardless of line pressure providing zero stress to prevent stretching, a common cause of valve failure
  • Reverse flow design for water conservation in the event of failure
  • Diaphram's self cleaning ports constantly flex, inhibiting sand and silt from blocking valve action
  • Brass shock cone for smooth operation and reduction of water hammer

The 1" Weathermatic Silver Bullet 7 valve with flow control has an unmatched manual bleed to help control water flow and prevent backsiphonage.

Superior Material

  • Glass-filled nylon construction gives the Silver Bullet added strength over conventional PVC valves
  • Pick up a Silver Bullet in one hand and any other valve in the other to feel the difference

Four-Bolt Cover

  • Four stainless steel bolts easily thread in and out of quality brass inserts
  • Silver Bullet installers will tell you they rarely need to open a Weathermatic valve. When you do, it is easy to open and easier to close than most valves using screws or jar tops that are susceptible to stripping, dirt, and grit

Unmatched Manual Bleed

  • Send the Silver Bullet into action by simply pulling the trigger
  • It’s the easiest, driest internal manual bleed in the business that won’t flood the valve box
  • No twisting on a solenoid or bleed screw is required

Shocking Shock Cone

  • The Silver Bullet puts the hammer to water hammer by incorporating a cone-shaped diaphragm base
  • The shock cone interrupts the water flow more gradually than other diaphragms to enable quick valve closure without the damaging effect of water hammer

Revolutionary Reverse Flow Design 

  • The Weathermatic hallmark reverse flow design with a 45-year track record brings you
  • Reverse flow design means the valve fails shut rather than open in the event of diaphragm failure, unlike conventional forward flow valves that fail open
  • Balanced pressure on the diaphragm extends valve life over forward flow valves
  • Self-cleaning function is achieved as diaphragm actually flexes during operation to send dirt and debris down the line without the maintenance worry of filters and screens

Amazing Value for the Price 

  • Seasoned installers know that valves are the last place to cut expenses when just one call-back eliminates any cost savings on the job
  • Plus, the Silver Bullet makes it easy – you can install the commercial quality of a Weathermatic valve at a residential valve price!

Additional Features: 

  • Easy-to-use internal manual bleed lever; bleeds valve downstream; has stops for open and closed positions
  • Marine-grade S20P solenoid with stainless steel actuator
  • High-strength glass-filled body and cover with ¼" stainless steel cover bolts and mating brass body inserts
  • Brass non-rising flow control stem throttles valve from full open to closed position Excellent for low volume irrigation
  • Contamination-resistant (CR)
  • Chlorine- and chloramine-resistant EPDM diaphragm material