SePro - Captain XTR Algaecide - 2.5 GAL JUG

SePro - Captain XTR Algaecide - 2.5 GAL JUG
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SePro - Captain XTR Algaecide - 2.5 GAL JUG

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  • Captain XTR is impacted by formulation technology
  • Captain XTR results in more copper into algae cells and improved control
  • Enhanced performance on challenging species, such as Lyngbya, Oscillatoria, Microcystis, Pithophora, Rhizoclonium, Nitellopsis obtusa

Captain XTR is a chelated copper formulation that is effective in controlling a broad range of green and blue-green (cyanobacteria) algae, including filamentous, planktonic, and macrophytic. Captain XTR is also an effective herbicide on submersed weed species with susceptibility to copper. The ethanolamines in Captain XTR reduce the precipitation of copper with carbonates and bicarbonates in the water.

Through infusion, Captain XTR is the best available technology for the control of all types of algae. Captain XTR is optimized to increase the penetration of copper into algae cells and enhance efficacy. This formulation feature is especially impactful when targeting tough to control mat forming, colonial and mucilaginous species. Waters treated with Captain XTR may be used for swimming, fishing, watering livestock and irrigation of food and non-food crops (e.g. turf, ornamentals) during and after application.

Active Ingredient: Copper Ethanolamine Complex

For Use In

  • Still or flowing aquatic sites
    • Golf course
    • Ornamental
    • Fish
    • Irrigation
    • Fire ponds
  • Aquaculture
    • Fish and shrimp
    • Fresh water lakes
    • Ponds
    • Fish hatcheries
    • Potable reservoirs, rivers, streams, bays and coves
  • Crop and non-crop irrigation and drainage systems
    • Canals
    • Laterals
    • Ditches
  • Chemigation systems
  • See label for complete list


  • Planktonic
  • Filamentous
  • Macrophytic
  • See label for complete list



Treat when growth first begins to appear (if possible) or when target vegetation is actively growing.

Apply in a manner that will ensure even distribution within the treatment area.

Use a high-pressure surface spray application to break up dense foliage algal mats.

In heavily infested areas, a second application may be necessary. Retreat areas if regrowth begins to appear or if seasonal control is desired. Repeating application too soon after initial application may have no effect.

See label for complete application instructions.


Do not apply directly to, or otherwise permit it to come into contact with any desirable plants as injury may result.

Do not apply in such a way that concentrated Captain XTR comes in contact with crops, ornamentals, grass, or other desirable plants.

Wash spray equipment thoroughly before and after each application.

Contents may cause bluing where marcite has been etched.

See label for complete restrictions.

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