SePro - Stingray Post Emergent Aquatic Herbicide - 1 QT

SePro - Stingray Post Emergent Aquatic Herbicide - 1 QT
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SePro - Stingray Post Emergent Aquatic Herbicide - 1 QT

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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 6
  • Contact herbicide that provides fast-acting control of susceptible floating, emerged, and submersed weed species
  • May be used alone or in combination with other aquatic herbicides
  • This product is very toxic to certain species of algae and moderately toxic to fish

Stingray Aquatic Herbicide is a liquid formulation which is emulsifiable in water. It is designed to be mixed with water and applied to aquatic areas for control of floating and emerged weeds. Weed control is more effective on immature, actively growing weeds than on mature, less actively growing weeds. This product is a contact herbicide with little or no residual activity at specified use rates.

This product is rapidly absorbed through the foliage of plants. The herbicide is rainfast within 1 HR after application. Within a few hours following application, the foliage of susceptible weeds may show signs of desiccation, and in subsequent weeks necrosis and death of the plant.

Extremes in environmental conditions (temperature and pH), may affect the activity of this product. Under warm conditions, herbicide symptoms may be accelerated.

Active Ingredient: Carfentrazone-ethyl


  • Alligatorweed
  • Duckweed
  • Water-lettuce
  • Watermeals
  • Water primrose
  • See label for complete list


Applications made to moving bodies of water must be made while traveling upstream to prevent concentration of this herbicide in water.

This product may be tank mixed with other aquatic herbicides to control weeds not listed on this label.

See label for complete application instructions.


When making any bankside applications, do not overlap more than 1’ into open water.

Do not spray in bodies of water where weeds do not exist.

Avoid applying under conditions of high wind or wave action.

The maximum application rate of 13.5 OZ/ACRE must not be exceeded in any single broadcast application that is being made over water.

See label for complete restrictions.

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