PBI-Gordon - Barrier Pre-Emergent Herbicide - 50 LB BAG

PBI-Gordon - Barrier Pre-Emergent Herbicide - 50 LB BAG
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PBI-Gordon - Barrier Pre-Emergent Herbicide - 50 LB BAG

SKU: 0512-50
  • Stops all vegetative growth under asphalt when applied prior to paving
  • Helps prevent plant growth damage to asphalt
  • Controls listed annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds
  • Does not affect trees or woody ornamentals when applied as directed

Barrier® Herbicide delivers dependable control of annual and perennial weeds. Activated with rainfall or irrigation, the active ingredient of Barrier washes off the granule and attaches to soil organic matter. It then creates a “vapor barrier” in the upper two inches of the soil that slowly kills existing shallow-rooted weeds and grasses. Designed for use in established landscape and non-crop settings, Barrier is ideal for institutional sites such as hospitals, sports facilities, cemeteries and apartment complexes.

Active Ingredient:


Use Sites:

  • Residential and Commercial Sites
  • Ornamental Sites
  • Sidewalks and Pathways
  • See label for complete list

Weeds Treated:

  • Chickweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelion
  • Quackgrass
  • See label for complete list


Do not use in seedbeds, transplant or cutting beds, commercial nurseries or greenhouses. See label for complete directions and application instructions.

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