Cygnet - Aquathol Super K Granular Herbicide - 10 LB BAG

Cygnet - Aquathol Super K Granular Herbicide - 10 LB BAG
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Cygnet - Aquathol Super K Granular Herbicide - 10 LB BAG

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  • Highly concentrated, granular form of Aquathol
  • For use in ponds and lakes
  • Effective against a broad range of aquatic plants

Aquathol Super K is a highly concentrated granular form of Aquathol. It is for use in ponds and lakes. It has been shown to be effective against a broad range of aquatic plants. Aquathol K has a wide margin of tolerance for fish and other aquatic animals. Dosage rates indicated for the application of Aquathol K are measured in parts per million (ppm) of dipotassium endothall.

Active Ingredient: Dipotassium salt of endothall

For use on:

  • Lakes
  • Ponds

Weeds Controlled

  • Coontail
  • Horned Pondweed
  • Sago Pondweed
  • Hydrilla
  • Hygrophila (suppression)
  • Milfoil
  • Naiad
  • Pondweed
  • Parrotfeather
  • Water Stargrass


How to apply: Aquathol Super K is a contact herbicide; consequently, apply when target plants are present. Apply Aquathol Super K as evenly as possible over areas to be treated. For Aquathol Super K Applications, the drinking water setback distance from functioning potable water intakes in the treated water body must be greater than or equal to 600 feet. Applicator is responsible to assure that treated water exceeding the MCL of 0.1 ppm does not enter potable water intakes.

Application rate vary based on water movement and plant needing to be controlled. See chart on label for application rates.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • Phytotoxicity is not expected on plants or crops irrigated with Aquathol K treated water, however, all species and cultivars (varieties) have not been tested.
  • Undiluted Aquathol K may be injurious to crops, grass, ornamentals, and other foliage.
  • Do not use Aquathol K treated water for chemigation as interactions between Aquathol K and other pesticides and fertilizers are not known.
  • Do not use Aquathol K in brackish or saltwater.
  • Contact of granules directly or by drift with non-target plants or crops may result in injury.
  • United Phosphorus, Inc. recommends not reducing Aquathol K rates below those specified within the label, when using in a treatment combination, or as a tank mix, with products containing ALS inhibitor active ingredients, unless specified otherwise on this label or a United Phosphorus, Inc. supplemental label.


See Label for complete restrictions.

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