Outdoor Audio

Outdoor Audio Systems Bring High-Quality Sound to Backyards With Affordability & Ease

Blooming flowers, freshly cut grass, a newly opened pool…Summertime isn’t complete with an outdoor sound system for your patio!

An outdoor audio system takes backyards up another level with its impeccable sound, convenience, and usability. It’s easy to fill an open space with a sound system that sounds great and connects right to your WiFi!

Reinders is your solution to affordable, functional outdoor living. Start shopping for the perfect outdoor audio systems today to make those pool parties and backyard barbeques ones to remember.

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Transform Backyards into Fun Outdoor Getaways with The Best Outdoor Sound System for Patios

Outdoor Audio

A fantastic backyard landscape requires a few of many things: well-designed plant beds, complementary hardscapes, strategically placed outdoor accessory lights, and lastly, outdoor audio systems.

You can install a sound system in a few different places around the yard:

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Covered Porches
  • Outdoor Kitchenettes
  • Pool Zones
  • Fire Pit Areas
  • Garden Beds & Landscape Plots

Outdoor Audio

Three Reasons Why an Outdoor Audio System is Worth It
Sure, your landscape work looks great, but how does it sound? Quiet? Empty? Let’s fix that.

When designing a backyard landscape, the sounds lend just as much to the overall experience as the visuals do. This is why water gardens, pondless waters, and pond fountains are so beloved with residential and commercial clients because people genuinely love the noise!

Sounds give off tranquility, relaxation, and positivity. Guests and passersby want to stop and soak it all in— the gorgeous view and the peaceful noise.

Installing outdoor audio systems is an excellent opportunity to elevate an open outdoor space with this same inviting, welcoming feeling that your clients will enjoy for many seasons to come.

Read below to discover three reasons why installing something like a Sonance audio system is indeed worth it!

  • High-End Sound, Simple Function

Most outdoor sound systems for patios or pool decks are simple to hook up right to an owner’s WiFi! Wireless speakers take the guesswork out of connecting a bunch of unsightly chords while still producing a high-end sound quality. Plus, you can usually connect them to multiple devices, like TVs or other smart devices, for fun that the whole family can get in on.

  • Outdoor-Friendly for Year-Round Enjoyment

It’s no surprise that an outdoor sound system is element-friendly, but it’s a key selling point for many! Audio systems and speakers are designed to withstand anything Mother Nature throws its way. The year-round sound makes outdoor spaces more enjoyable, no matter rain or shine.

  • Discrete Designs that Work with Your Landscape (Not Against It!)

Outdoor Audio

You’re no stranger to the bulky design and eyesore qualities a prominent indoor speaker can entail. Luckily with outdoor audio systems, that’s not the case. Discrete designs make it easy for speakers and amplifiers to blend right into the environment while still offering crystal-clear sound. Your landscape will remain beautiful as ever!

You truly can let your system fit your needs with a range of benefits that exceed our small list above. Investing in the right system will reap big rewards— pool parties will never be the same, in the best way!

Shop Reliable, Affordable Outdoor Sound Systems for Patios on Reinders

There are many opportunities to transform an open space into something that looks and feels like it’s taken directly out of a magazine! We’re the best people to help achieve that.

Reinders is proud to carry audio systems from the industry’s top leading brands so that you can achieve high-quality sound without breaking your budget. From wireless systems to amplifiers, we’ve got it all in one place.

Outdoor Audio

Dana Innovations Sonance Audio System with Amp- Patio Series
A Sonance audio system is a must-have for patios of any size this summer. The all-weather outdoor system blends seamlessly into its environmental surroundings while immersing you in premium sound quality.

Dana Innovation’s elegant system features four satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer for balanced noise dispersion across open spaces up to 1,000 sq. feet. Its convenience meets adaptability, especially in larger yards and patios— you can extend the system with more wireless speakers and subwoofers for up to 2,000 sq. feet of coverage! With a Sonance DSP SR 2-125 amplifier, you can achieve even power, volume, and precision performance in any space.

Outdoor Audio

Dana Innovations Sonance Audio System with SR2-125 Amp- Garden Series
Elevate garden beds with low frequency sounds produced in crystal-clear precision via this Sonance audio system. Performance meets design with this premium outdoor system meant to stay hidden among the beautiful flowers and lush greenery in a garden.

Eight wireless speakers achieve perfect coverage and high-quality sound in areas of up to 3,500 sq. feet. A single SR2-125 amplifier and subwoofer ensure that all areas receive even noise coverage while handling extreme weather conditions.

There are more outdoor audio systems to discover on Reinders, from a Kichler LED lantern with Bluetooth speakers to a Sonance Garden Series demo kit. Your backyard creation is sure to make a lasting impression with every client and guest when you choose to shop with Reinders.

Our expert team is ready to help with all of your outdoor living needs. For audio system recommendations, outdoor sound system installation tips, or to answer any other related inquires, contact us today! Your best yard awaits.