Create an Outdoor Paradise Unlike Any Other with Stunning Outdoor Accessory Lighting

Bring your backyard landscaping to life with beautiful outdoor accessory lighting that adds just enough pizzazz to an already-well-designed space.

The proper outdoor lighting helps transform an area from simple to stunning, like fixtures lined along walkways and gazebo entrances or submersible tape lighting installed right along pool liners and around deck perimeters!

Reinders has the best variety of outdoor living supplies that are reliable, affordable, and versatile! Take the hassle and guesswork out of installing outdoor lighting with easy-to-install products that achieve amazing results.

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Transform Yards with Gorgeous Lights from WAC Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighing

It’s easy to create outdoor landscapes of your clients’ dreams with reliable outdoor accessory lighting from brands like WAC Lighting.

Outdoor lighting is a fan favorite for many reasons. It brings style and upscale appeal to residential homes while adding sophistication and class to commercial applications, like hotel entrances and courtyards. Exterior lighting is essential for ensuring safety in areas with low visibility, but it also lends itself to creating a welcoming, warming atmosphere that looks stunning!

Where to Incorporate Outdoor Living Lighting Around Landscaping
You can bring function and style to various areas with the right lighting fixtures that are equally durable as they are attractive. To discover some of our favorite places to use outdoor living lighting, read on below!

  • Patios
  • Entryways
  • Outdoor stairwells
  • Pathways & walkways
  • Pool decks
  • Gazebos & verandas
  • Garden beds & landscaping plots
  • Porches or garages
  • Hardscapes
  • Special outdoor events like weddings or parties

There are endless ways to utilize exterior lighting to transform an outdoor space! Versatility and durability lend themselves to landscape lighting’s overall popularity.

Outdoor lighing

Outdoor Accessory Lighting Tips
We understand the desire to fill a backyard or front yard with all your favorite lighting fixtures, but a little goes a long way! Your client’s eyes need less light to see outdoors compared to the amount they need to see indoors— keep this in mind when planning your outdoor landscaping lighting.

Check out some other helpful tips for installing functional yet attractive outdoor lighting.

  • Tailor lighting to suit your landscaping. You can get a good feel for your needs by walking around the space at night.
  • Decide which lightbulbs will best achieve your desired look and feel. Whether you preferer LED lighting over incandescent bulbs, it’s crucial to pick an option that is both cost- and energy-efficient.
  • Match the style of the outdoor lights to the architecture around the space. Modern homes will make better use of outdoor accessory lighting that looks much different than more traditional homes.
  • Ensure that you are using safe, weather-resistant fixtures and lights. You’ll want to distinguish whether your fixtures and lighting accessories are also suitable for “wet” conditions versus “damp” conditions. This is especially important for areas where your outdoor living lighting is not necessarily covered.
  • Less is more, but make sure you have enough! Use more than one light fixture to allow for safe walking and congregating in an area that’s otherwise minimally lit.
  • Pay attention to the positioning of light fixtures! You’ll want to prevent glare with the correct position and shielding of the light source. Too big or too bright lights overwhelm a space and cause unwanted light pollution for neighbors or surrounding buildings.

Now that we’ve covered some good-to-know tips regarding outdoor accessory lighting, it’s time to shop for the best products from trustworthy brands to achieve picture-perfect landscaping.

Shop WAC Outdoor Lighting and Other Lighting Fixtures at Reinders

Reinders has a great selection of outdoor lighting and lighting accessory, including affordable products from WAC Lighting!

You can browse all that has to offer for the ultimate WAC outdoor lighting setup, no matter the commercial or residential application.

WAC Tape Lighting

WAC Lighting 24V Outdoor InvisiLED Tape Light
Transform outdoor structures by mounting WAC Lighting’s InvisiLED tape lights to ceilings, walls, or hardscape edges in all orientations. This discrete lighting provides functional beauty without being noticed, with an ultra-thin profile measuring just 1/8 inches and diodes spaced evenly at 1 inch.

A 50,000-hour rating life ensures a welcoming ambiance for many summer seasons to come! Plus, the white LED light works in a variety of settings, so you can transform the landscape year after year without buying new lights. A selection of lengths and color temperatures allow you to choose the outdoor accessory lighting of your dreams.

WAC Tape Lighting

WAC Lighting 10’ Outdoor Submersible Landscape Tape Lighting
Yep, you read that right. This tape lighting is fully submersible! Imagine an inground pool illuminated with colorful lights or pool decks outlined in bright LEDs. With an IP 68-rating for submersion up to 5 feet and UV-stabilized silicone seals, you’re able to put this tape lighting in or around pools or water gardens without risk or danger.

Safely and conveniently adapt into an existing 12V landscape lighting system, which allows you to integrate other landscape lighting products using the same transformer. This flexible tape can be cut to a desired length at the end of the run and maintains constant lumen output against voltage drop. Choose from three different color temperatures to get the exact light you need!

LED Lantern

Kichler South Hope Portable LED Lantern w/ Bluetooth Speaker
An ultimate backyard oasis includes music and lighting for a getaway no one will want to leave. The Kichler South Hope portable LED lantern is just the product you need to achieve the best of both worlds.

This portable lantern has a sturdy, rectangular design that is modern yet traditional to fit any exterior design aesthetic. Satin etched cased opal glass allows for welcoming light to seep through the fixture while offering understated charm. Controlled by Bluetooth-enabled devices within a 30-foot range, the lantern’s modern technology makes it effortless to bring light and music to the space simultaneously. With a 5-hour battery life at maximum volume and 100% late saturation, you can ensure outdoor events and gatherings are as entertaining as they are inviting.

BQ Series BBQ Light

FX Luminaire BQ Series Barbeque Light
What’s a good backyard setup without a BBQ and outdoor kitchen space? Clients can keep the grill going all night with a practical barbecue light from FX Luminaire.

FX’s stainless steel light illuminates grilling areas with 1 LED task light while looking sleek enough to complement its surrounding patio furniture. Mount the barbeque light directly onto any outdoor surface material– the flexible arm adjusts to any angle! It can operate independently with an optional plug-in transformer or work directly with a Luxor system.

There’s more outdoor living lighting to discover on! From Y connectors to clear channels to flame gel, we have whatever you need to achieve beautiful, functional lighting in all of your outdoor spaces.

Our team of experts is ready and excited to help you create picture-perfect landscaping! For product recommendations, outdoor lighting tips, or to answer all other related inquiries, contact us today.