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Create a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space with Stone Fire Pits

Outdoor lighting? Check. Outdoor music? Check. Beautiful pondless water features? Check!

All that’s missing from your outdoor living space is an incredible stone fire pit. Fire pits are the perfect feature to add to a well-designed backyard to add a sense of warmth and togetherness— after all, nothing beats sitting around a fire on a cool summer’s night with friends and family.

Fire pits add a nice textural element to the landscape design and offer functionality and versatility throughout many seasons of the year. Summer night BBQs, fall weddings, Christmastime fun— a stone fire pit is the perfect outdoor accessory for all kinds of events. And you can find the best, right here at Reinders!

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Stone Fire Pits are Perfect Features to Elevate Your Backyard

A fire pit is a must-have feature when creating picture-perfect yards that feel like you’re on vacation. When paired alongside ambient outdoor lighting, outdoor Bluetooth speakers, and tranquil water gardens, there is no place your guests would rather be.

It’s a great addition in any space to pull a landscape design together to focus on one central area where people can congregate and gather. Not only is a stone fire pit functional for providing comforting warmth, but it’s equally visually appealing with its rustic architecture. The beautiful orange flames are also a sight welcomed in any yard.

Here’s Why You Should Add an Outdoor Fire Pit to Your Backyard
Aside from the aesthetic, there are plenty of other reasons to add a stone fire pit to your outdoor living space. Discover our favorites below!

  • Enjoy multi-seasonal activities- As previously mentioned, an outdoor fire pit is a great way to transform your patio or yard into a multi-seasonal space.  Stay warm on cool autumn nights next to the fire or opt for s’more making after a summertime barbeque. Guests will love the inclusivity.
  • Create a unique ambiance- Just like a water feature, a fire pit is an excellent way to create an inviting atmosphere in your backyard. A fire encourages others to gather and relax for a few moments with the beautiful sights and nature-inspired smells.
  • Entertain a crowd- If you’re looking to transform your backyard into a wedding venue or event space, a stone fire pit is a must-have party accessory! Not only will it add to the event’s aesthetic with rustic appeal, but it will give guests something to congregate around and enjoy all night long! Entertaining a large crowd has never been easier than it is with a stone fire pit.
  • Add value to your home- There are plenty of outdoor fire pit options to choose from but opting for something custom built and professional installed can really set your home apart from the rest, especially when you consider selling! A stone fire pit can add value to your home, as it is an excellent way to expand living space while adding beauty and function.

There are so many benefits to discover by adding a fire pit to a backyard. If you need more convincing, just imagine stepping outside to the familiar smell and natural sights of a comforting fire, and that should do the trick!

Fire Pit

Good Fire Pit Tips to Remember

As much as we love hanging outside with friends and family and unwinding around a warm fire, there are some things to consider when choosing the right backyard fire pit to install in your yard.

First, be aware of location guidelines in your area! Whether you’re interested in using a portable fire pit or desiring a permanent installation, placing your pit at least 10 feet away from all property lines is vital. Stay clear of low-hanging branches or other landscaping elements that may pose as flammable. Your homeowner’s association may require a site inspection, more so for permanent builds.

Consider burn materials. Does your stone fire pit require flame gel? Is it gas-powered or does it require wood? Will you need plenty of fire starters, like paper or magazines? These are just a few among many questions to ask yourself when considering your fire pit options.

Choose the right size. It’s crucial to choose the right size fire pit for your area to ensure that the flow of your landscaping remains cohesive. If your stone fire pit feels too small in your expansive yard, odds are it appears that way, as well. You want your fire pit to invite all guests to stay awhile, so be sure that you’re choosing a size that encourages plenty of congregating.

Pick your ideal material. Stone fire pits are a popular permanent option for the rugged, durable, long-lasting appeal and functionality. Brick or concrete are also great options when considering installing a permanent pit. However, if you’re more interested in a portable fire pit, we suggest choosing a metal, copper, or iron material for easy portability and adequate longevity.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll have an easier time picking the best outdoor fire pit option for your yard and your specific needs.

The Best Stone Fire Pit to Get You Started— Right Here at Reinders

Reinders makes it easy to find affordable, reliable supplies to complete your outdoor living space, including this incredible faux stone fire pit from Aquascape.

Fire Pit

Aquascape Faux Stone Fire Pit
This impressive fire pit takes all of the guesswork out of installing a complex fire system, thanks to its quick and easy setup. With durable and long-lasting glass fiber with reinforced concrete (GFRC) construction, you can enjoy the extremely realistic stone finish for years to come.

The faux stone fire pit includes a push-button ignition and flame control for effortless installation, gas tubing, power cables, and a propane tank regulator.

There are more outdoor fire pit products and accessories to explore on Our team of experts is excited and ready to assist you in creating your dream backyard with all of your favorite features. Contact us today for product recommendations, fire pit installation tips, or to answer any other related inquires.