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Solve Your Mosquito Problems Fast with Backyard Mosquito Control Systems

Summertime is a beloved season for many reasons, but that list does not include mosquitos! So, it’s vital to keep these pesky insects away with the best backyard mosquito control systems during those few months full of outdoor activities and events.

Mosquito control systems make it more enjoyable to stay in the great outdoors to soak up the beauty of nature and the camaraderie of company.

Reinders carries reliable, effective systems that kill, prevent, and control mosquitos in all your outdoor spaces!

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Effective, Affordable Mosquito Control Systems Keep Summer Pests at Bay

Nothing ruins an outdoor event or a serene backyard landscaping quite like summertime pests. The nagging buzz, the irritating itch— the consequences such pests bring can put a damper on good weather and a fun-filled warm season!

Take control and keep mosquitos at bay this year with a practical, affordable mosquito repellent system.

Mosquito repellents are the perfect long-term solution for killing mosquitos and preventing them from returning. Whether you choose misting systems, candles, or torches, there’s a suitable option out there for you to make it a pest-free summer.

Mosquito Control Systems

Choose Mosquito Misting Systems This Summer Season
For residential applications, a misting system is a perfect way to control mosquitos and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your yard.

A misting system is designed to spray pesticides in a mist spray pattern to kill mosquitos. The components of this type of backyard mosquito control system include a spray nozzle, tubing, and (optional) timer.  

The spray nozzles of the system get mounted around the perimeter of the outdoor spaces you’re treating, whether it’s a backyard, courtyard, or the entire perimeter of the home. Spray nozzles connect to the tubing that allows the supply of insecticide to flow freely throughout the repellent system.

The use of timers or remote controls will enable you to preset specific time intervals or ensure that your systems go off without a hitch regardless of if you’re there to physically turn them on. Timers and remotes are entirely optional, although very convenient!

We recommend using an insecticide in your misting system to combat most mosquito populations and ensure long-term results for residential applications.

Tips for Controlling Outdoor Pests

Of course, modern backyard mosquito control systems will do the trick for killing mosquitos and combatting their return, but there are some tried and true tricks to controlling the common outdoor pests that can also help!

Read below to discover some of our favorite tips for controlling mosquitos in your yard this season.

Check Your Gutters
Check your gutters for leaves and debris— mosquitos can breed here in as little as two weeks! Remove the gunk to avoid clogging and prevent standing water.

Plant Mosquito-Repellent Plants
Plant mosquito-repelling plants in garden beds and landscaping plots. Plants that give off a strong scent, like basil, lavender, sage, and rosemary (among many others), help repel mosquitos and prevent them from intruding into the yard. Talk about an all-natural mosquito control system!

Avoid Standing Water
Eliminate standing water in yards and outdoor spaces— standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos to deposit their eggs. Standing water is commonly found in birdbaths, flowerpots, children’s outdoor toys, and much more!

Maintain Swimming Pools
It’s a well-known fact that the chlorine in residential swimming pools is enough for killing mosquito eggs, so it’s crucial to remain on top of pool maintenance! Cover pools when not in use and always keep them in pristine condition, using regular chemicals to ensure clean water.

Treat Yards Regularly
To compact the annoying buzz and irritating itch, use mosquito repellent systems like a misting system regularly. When hosting events or expecting company, it’s best to mist the outdoor spaces at least 24 hours beforehand.

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Shop the best mosquito repellent and control systems to keep those pesky bugs at bay! Check out our feature product below that you’ll need to get your hands on this summer.

Mosquito Control Systems

Broan-NuTone Repellent Refill
A repellent offers convenient protection from mosquitos without the hassle of batteries, butane, or candles. There’s no need to worry about a spraying schedule or emptying messy traps— these refills provide 90 days worth of mosquito protection when using at a rate of 2.4 hours a day.

With refillable mosquito repellents, you can ensure your outdoor environment is ready for entertaining— wherever mosquito protection is needed. Plus, an optional timer/controller enables automatic operation, so you can use it whenever you want, no matter day or night.

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Whether you’re shopping for outdoor lighting, firepits, or mosquito control systems, we have it all to create the best outdoor landscaping getaways.

Our team of mosquito repellent and misting system experts is ready to help you battle the bugs all season long! For product recommendations, mosquito control tips, and to answer any other related inquires, contact us today.