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Long-Lasting Energy, Eco-Friendly Power: Landscape Light Bulbs That Can’t be Beat

LED retrofit lamps are the way to go for creating adequate lighting for commercial and residential applications. Landscape light bulbs play a significant role in the overall ambiance of the space, whether it’s for a walking pathway, congregating area, garden plot, or landscape bed.

Utilizing landscape lighting replacement bulbs makes it effortless to switch out older, incandescent bulbs within a lighting fixture or to replace another LED light bulb with a different colored lamp for a fun, unique outdoor vibe.

Shop brands like Brilliance, Kichler, FX Luminaire, and Nightscaping on Reinders.com for bulbs that illuminate beautifully while still being reliable and energy-efficient.

LED Landscape Light Bulbs are This Year’s Must-Have Outdoor Lighting Solution

Creating a beautiful landscape design starts with using the right kind of light bulb within all lighting fixtures, like accent and pathway lighting. Although landscape light bulbs may be an overlooked aspect of the entire landscaping, they play a crucial role in the overall aesthetics! Not only will you create gorgeous outdoor living spaces that look picture-perfect, but you can also ensure an effective, safe environment to walk, play, and work in any residential, commercial, and industrial setting. LED bulbs achieve it all.

LED landscape light bulbs are the perfect lighting solution for all of your outdoor landscaping projects this season. Read below to discover why!

More Power, Lower Cost
LED light bulbs within low voltage landscape lighting systems expand your clients’ enjoyment outdoors without racking up electric costs. LED light bulbs use less wattage compared to incandescent bulbs— a factor that can save you costs on both installation and operation fronts.

The less wattage used, the less energy used. Therefore, less money spent!

Longer Life Expectancy
Incandescent bulbs are notorious for burning out when least expected. Wave goodbye to the days of awkward empty, dark spaces in your pathway or leading up to the front door. LED bulbs have an average bulb life of 50,000 hours. That’s roughly 10 times longer than standard incandescent counterparts! Using LED options for landscaping lighting replacement bulbs will give you more light for many more years to come.

Multiple Fixtures on One Wire
Low voltage lighting systems are perfect for adding more lighting onto a singular wire without worrying about the voltage dropping. Smaller transformers and smaller wires can get the job done, saving you cost on installation!

Shop the Best Landscape Light Bulbs for the Best Results

Now that we’ve highlighted some essential reasons to use LED bulbs for this year’s landscaping lighting, take a look at some of our favorite LED products that get the job done right, no matter the application.

Brilliance and Kichler BulbsBrilliance and Kichler Bulbs

Kichler PAR36 Series LED

PAR36 lamps have a 30,000-hour long lamp life and put forth a range of beam angles with the flat-faced, round design. Select the right color temp and beam spread for your outdoor landscape lighting.

Brilliance MR16 Series LED

Designed for standard, low voltage fixtures with a flood light-shaped body and flat face. The MR16 series has heat overload protection technology, Brilliance Dimmer to control the amount of light, and four varieties of beam spreads! Choose your preferred color temp and fixture finish from a range of options.

FX Luminaire and Nightscaping BulbsFX Luminaire and Nightscaping Bulbs

FX Luminaire MR16 Series LED

High-quality and convenient, this LED light bulb has four available intensities and four beam spread angle options. It can quickly convert incandescent M16s to LEDs.

Nightscaping PAR36 Series LED

Maintain the integrity of your PAR36 lamp with a thermally engineered LED that automatically cools down and reduced lumen output when exposed to extreme heat. High-grade, cold-gorged aluminum constructs the flat, round design of the PAR36. The LED light bulb comes in three beam spread options and three wattages.

Reinders has all of the landscape lighting replacement bulbs you’re looking for from industry-trusted brands you know and love.

Contact us today for landscape light bulb recommendations, low voltage system tips, and other related inquiries! Our expert team has the industry knowledge and mastery to help create gorgeous outdoor spaces and effective, safe environments for commercial, residential, and industrial settings.

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