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Landscape Lighting Connectors- Protect Your Work and Keep it Shining Bright

We know that you and your team put in tireless hours for your clients to make sure their landscape lighting is designed and installed to perfection. Don’t let inadequate wire connectors cause avoidable damage, leaving that beautifully set-up landscaping in the dark. Shop landscape lighting wire connectors built strong to keep your wires protected from the elements and irrigation with ultra-tight seals and corrosion-proof materials.

These easy to install wire connectors make it simple to keep your landscape lighting systems working as you intended. Choose from dependable products made by the manufacturers you trust, like Blazing, King innovation, Paige Electric, and more.

Weather-Resistant or Waterproof- King Innovation Landscape Lighting Connectors Offer the Level Protection You Need

Not all low voltage landscape lighting systems require the same tools to keep them running correctly. While some set-ups may be more affected by the irrigation systems, others are more vulnerable to Mother Nature and all the harsh elements involved with being out in the open.

Stock up on exactly the right wire connectors built for your job. King Innovation is a top brand that has long been associated with innovation. They continue to manufacture at the high standards demanded by the industry, and you will not be disappointed when you trust your jobs with their products.

Allow for Tapping or Splitting Wires with Paige Electric Wire Connectors

Ace, Dryconn and Paige Electric ConnectorsAce, Dryconn and Paige Electric Connectors

Ace Connector in Small, Medium, or Large- Box of 50

For a clean, professional look, the Ace Connectors are the perfect wire connector choice to make any outdoor landscape lighting appear high-end with little unsightly wiring. This brass screw-tight lug is weather-resistant to stand up to any elements the great outdoors may have in store. Features include-

  • UL Listed Solid brass lug
  • Fast curing heat shrink
  • Weather-resistant to withstand outdoor elements
  • For use in low voltage landscape lighting and direct bury applications, Rated 30V
  • Set screw thread pitch allows tighter securing of wires

DryConn Wire Connectors

Known as King Industry’s greatest success, this product transformed the irrigation and electric industries by allowing installers to splice and seal conductors in one easy step. Shop this dependable connector that changed the game and trust you’re getting the best-selling waterproof wire connector in the world. These landscape lighting connectors are corrosion-proof and pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens.

3M Wire Connector Low Voltage

This landscape lighting connector was designed to make future servicing as simple as possible while still offering a secure and waterproof application. The contained resin that protects the wires sets to a gel consistency that makes it easy to cut into should any maintenance be required. The 3M Wire Connector Low Voltage also features-

  • Simple tapping/splitting/teeing of communication cables
  • Protection from water into the splice in direct burial or underwater applications
  • Built-in strain relief to prevent damage to splice when the cables are pulled-on
Assorted electric connectorsAssorted electric connectors

LV 9000 Series SnapLoc Wire Connectors

SnapLoc Wire Connectors were designed with professional irrigation and lighting contractors in mind. The LV 9000 can hold up to 5 #18 series wires in its “V channel” hold and locks into its silicone-filled outer housing, so there’s never any doubt of the connection. The double O ring-seal keeps any water from creeping in, so you know your connections are safe. That level of security, along with the guaranteed fastest no-hassle installation, means big money savings for you along with time savings. These waterproof landscape lighting connectors work right the first time, every time, and never slip off the wires.

3M 600V Waterproof Connector

This direct bury splice kit is ideal for splicing wires and cables in irrigation and low voltage lighting systems in residential, commercial, golf, and other green industry applications. Electrically connect two or more pre-stripped copper wires in the UV-resistant polypropylene tube with moisture-resistant gel, making the set-up both waterproof and sunlight-resistant. The gel-filled tube includes a lid that compresses the wire insulation when closed. This applies a pressure, known as “strain relief,” that keeps the connection inside the tube when the wires are pulled upon.

Twist Locking Waterproof Connectors

The Twist Locking Waterproof Connectors come pre-filled with silicone and are perfect for all your landscape irrigation and outdoor lighting needs. Corrosion-resistant and used for low voltage systems, the TwiztLOC™ Technology is simple and quick to install without pre-twisting wires.

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