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Add Interest to Your Design with FX Luminaire Accent Lights

uplights in rocks illuminating potted plantuplights in rocks illuminating potted plant

We know that a lot of thoughtful design and care has gone into the landscaping you work on. While a carefully planned design can add a lot to a property when viewed in daylight, part of the design needs to be how the space will be seen and used at night. Enter exceptional lighting design. Make sure you’re putting as much thought into your landscape lights as you have the rest of the process so your beautiful work can be enjoyed at night! FX Luminaire knows that good accent lights can add texture, contrast, and interest to your landscaping. They’ve designed beautiful fixtures that will make it simple to make your landscaping stand out!

uplights illuminating bushes and plantsuplights illuminating bushes and plants

Our selection of FX Luminaire accent lights, available in both LED lights and incandescent options, are not only practical in use but the fixtures are designed to look aesthetically attractive in your designs. These landscape lights come in various finish options, including flat black, antique bronze, copper, silver, and many more. No matter what the look you’re going for might be, you’ll find the perfect outdoor uplight fixture to be cohesive in your design and add that extra illuminated flair to set your design apart from the rest. 

From Mini Accent Lights to Flood Lights, Kichler Gives You Options

accent uplight in the daytimeaccent uplight in the daytime

Kichler is proud to be serving the lighting industry with exceptional products since 1938. With a focus on creating innovative, on-trend designs at a high quality, you can trust the Kichler outdoor uplights you select will all live up to their standard. Every fixture is tested in their class 4 lab, the only one in the US, to ensure verified specifications and safety. This dedication to a superior product is unmatched, and the difference will pay off in your spectacularly crafted landscape design.

accent uplight in garden with plantsaccent uplight in garden with plants

The right accent light can create scenes, mimicking moonlight within trees or highlighting certain architectural features. For trees, garden art, and more, make sure to check out the Kichler Mini Accent 35W Incandescent Uplight. Available in Centennial Brass, Copper, Textured Architectural Bronze, and Textured Black, this small but mighty light will work well in nearly any design while ensuring the landscaping remains the star of the show. Looking for more of a flood or wash application? The Kichler Solid Brass Mini Wall Wash Light is excellent for house or building lighting and is discreet enough to be installed in any design. This brass light offers professional-grade durability, built to stand up to the elements. So know that your landscape lights will be shining bright no matter what Mother Nature has thrown their way.

Get Creative with Color When You Use WAC Landscape Lighting

WAC uplight in plant gardenWAC uplight in plant garden

WAC Lighting is a second-generation family-owned and operated lighting company that has built a reputation on inventing and making innovative products at a competitive price. They work hard to develop groundbreaking solutions for some of the irrigation and greens industry’s toughest problems.

Our WAC Lighting Accent Lights are built to stand up to any irrigation or maintenance the landscaping may need while still having a sleek design. Landscape uplighting needs to be strong enough to withstand the elements while maintaining the original design intent of the landscaping, and these fixtures do that beautifully. The fixtures are available in various popular finishes, including black, black on aluminum, bronze on aluminum, and bronze on brass. IP66 rated, so they are protected against high-pressure water jets and are also corrosion-resistant aluminum.

variations of accent uplightsvariations of accent uplights

Wanting to do something a little out of the ordinary with your landscape lights? Be sure to look into the WAC Lighting Color Changing Accent Light, available in 0.5-1.4W or 2-16W. Easily control your specialty accent lights from the ilumenight™ iOS App to keep your landscape uplighting looking fresh and exciting. Whether it’s for a special occasion or seasonally to celebrate a favorite holiday, these simple yet brilliant outdoor uplight fixtures make it as easy as spending a couple of minutes on your device.

Blend Art and Engineering with Accent Lights from CAST Landscape

Cast accent uplightsCast accent uplights

CAST Landscape’s outdoor uplighting fixtures are known to be some of the industry’s most durable, reliable, and highest-performing products. They specifically design in bronze and copper to avoid breaking and preserve the fixture you’ve chosen to include in your design. These LED uplights are intended to add to the aesthetic of your landscaping and can turn any ordinary outdoor space into art. The bronze of their fixtures will weather naturally to a beautiful patina, and that’s part of what makes these lights part of the living landscape.

uplights in 3 different settingsuplights in 3 different settings

Are you looking for the beauty of CAST’s designs at a smart price point? The Craftsman Series 1 LED 2.68W 54° Spot/Wash Light offers all the high levels of durability and performance you’ve come to expect from CAST while having fewer advanced features to keep them more affordable. These fixtures feature:

  • CAST Solid bronze for unmatched corrosion resistance
  • Unbreakable bodies, hats, stems, and stake
  • No coatings to peel, flake, chip, or fade
  • No threads that weaken stems
  • Marine-Grade Tin-Coated No-Ox Wire for lifetime electrical conductivity
  • LED components integrated into fixture bodies to draw heat away from the LED's for maximum longevity and performance
  • Premium-quality LEDs deliver consistent color temperature and accurate color rendering
  • Superior lenses and optical elements for exceptional beam quality
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