Employee Testimonials

Service Manager, Mundelein, IL 

Employed with Reinders since January 2010

A day in the life of my position includes checking daily reports, going over daily operations, managing inventory and processes, answering customer inquiries, managing billing and daily paperwork, and working with new ERP system for the Service Department. The customers, both internal and external make me enjoy my job at Reinders. We partner together daily and have developed many excellent working relationships that work for all parties involved. This is a team effort. We work together, we learn together and grow together. Recently there have been several projects on which I have worked. We are customer based and to attain those results I have spent more time educating and mentoring new staff members. Watching staff learn and grow with customer relationships and behind the scenes knowledge is my favorite on going project. Recently I have been involved in a new service management program to assist with the daily operations of our Service Department. We focus as a team to learn and grow in our positions daily. Most customer interactions are discussed and not just mentored by one person, but the team to learn and grow. The culture at Reinders is family orientated, hard workers, and they have the “this is it” mentality.

Territory Manager-Soft Goods, Illinois 

Employed with Reinders since September 2017

Since day one Reinders has been a welcoming and family-oriented employer. Reinders continuously supports its employees to make sure personal goals are met and to promote a healthy work life balance. When I got hired at Reinders I didn’t feel like an employee, but more so a part of a family. I would recommend anyone to work for Reinders.

Service Administrator, Elm Grove, WI

Employed with Reinders since July 2021

A day in the life of my position includes checking emails, reviewing and billing completed tickets, answering phones, and checking open order report. I enjoy what I do. I love it here and the people I work with. I look forward to learning new things in my role. Interactions with my co-workers are great. The culture at Reinders is professional, casual, friendly, and fast-paced; all of those and more. Reinders is family oriented, understanding, and appreciative of their employees.

eCommerce and Digital Marketing Coordinator, Sussex, WI

Employed with Reinders since May 2021

In my dual role, I support both the Digital Marketing and eCommerce teams with daily, weekly, quarterly goals and tasks. I make sure products are up to date with accurate information on Reinders.com, manage our social channels, and assist with marketing campaigns and projects. I want to stay at Reinders and continue to grow with the company because I really enjoy my team and the goals we work towards. I look forward to coming to work every day because I absolutely enjoy the people I work with. I would describe Reinders as: employee-first, professional, flexible, fast-paced, and friendly!

Territory Manager-Landscape Sales, Wisconsin

Employed with Reinders since October 2013

I’ve had the opportunity to work at several different companies with differing cultures, from one of the top ten largest employers at the time in the US to small privately owned and operated. The culture at Reinders is unique to what I have seen. Employees are truly given an opportunity to have input in the company. This is the first place that I have worked where I was asked if I would like to have the opportunity to travel for continuing education. When offered these opportunities, I am encouraged to take advantage if I think this will benefit me in my Territory. I was thrown for a loop the first time I heard this; I was more used to being told what to do as employee, regardless of if it benefited me or the company. At Reinders, we are given the opportunity to allocate our time and efforts on those tasks that we feel offer the greatest returns. Although we are spread out geographically, I don’t feel separated from the company. The culture that has been created over the years keeps us connected and engaged in the company. I think that is one of the biggest reasons you see individuals that have worked here for 20+ years. In today’s instant gratification society, it’s refreshing to work at a company where myself and other co-workers are appreciated and that is reflected in years of service.

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