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Controlling the Quality of Your Water Supply Has Never Been Easier with Irrigation Backflow Preventers

Your irrigation system’s success is only as good as the components involved, so keep your systems running as smooth as possible by investing in quality irrigation backflow preventers and pressure vacuum breakers.

It’s crucial to separate potable drinking water from the water used for landscapes so that both plants and humans do not risk contamination. Finding an inclusive backflow parts supply is necessary for a well-designed and high-functioning system. You’ll find every component needed to complete your backflow system right here on one site, making Reinders the perfect place to find quality supplies at competitive pricing to ultimately help maintain the health of plants and others (and your business!)

Make Light Work of Backflow Prevention with the Right Pressure Vacuum Breakers, Strainers, and Assembly Parts

Preventing pollution and contamination sounds like a daunting task, but with Reinders’ selection of top-of-the-line sprinkler backflow preventers and pressure vacuum breakers, we make it easy to keep the backflow of public water supplies separate from the water needed for plants and landscaping to thrive.

When installing backflow preventers at cross-connections from industry-leading brands like Febco, Zurn Industries, and Watts, you’ll ensure the protection (and happiness) of your clients and their landscape.

Backflow PreventersBackflow Preventers

Backflow Preventers Benefit All Irrigation

Water that flows into a pipe should only be allowed to flow in one direction. With backflow prevention systems, this singular flow of water is possible. You can protect potable water against backflow at all of the cross-connections in your irrigation system with the proper backflow preventers. You’ll reduce the risk of contaminating drinking water and its quality and feel at ease knowing your system complies with national plumbing codes.

Backflow preventers allow water to go through the device in one direction but prevents the water supply from going back through it in the opposite direction. From simple to elaborate backflow preventers with a single check valve or multiple, you’ll find exactly what you need from the industry’s top-leading brands like Febco, Zurn Industries, and Watts.

With differing lay-lengths and compact, space-saving designs, you’ll be able to reduce installation time and costs, all while maintaining reliable performance.

Keep the harmful, environmental materials of landscaping right where they belong while keeping plants and people happy and healthy.

Anti-Siphon Pressure Vacuum BreakersAnti-Siphon Pressure Vacuum Breakers

Anti-Siphon Pressure Vacuum Breakers

For an affordable, flexible device designed for installation on potable water lines, anti-siphon pressure vacuum breakers are the go-to. This standard device is the least expensive backflow prevention system device and the most basic form of protection, preventing back-siphonage of contaminated water from getting into public and drinkable water supplies.

Anti-siphon breakers have corrosion-resistant internal parts for optimal performance, and their bronze body is heavy-duty and durable. AVB’s may be installed on each zone of the irrigation system, after the zone control valve, unlike other backflow preventers.

Purchase AVBs from brands like Watts and Zurn Industries for the most common yet high-quality sprinkler backflow preventers.

Pressure Vacuum BreakersPressure Vacuum Breakers

Pressure Vacuum Breakers

PVB prevents back-siphonage— the kind of backflow that occurs when water is drawn or pulled backward from reduced pressure in the supply side of the water system.

Pressure vacuum breakers will close whenever water stops flowing, thanks to a spring-loaded check valve as opposed to anti-siphon’s floating disc. PVBs also feature an air relief valve that opens in order to break the siphon when water pressure drops to 1 PSI. This valve system design makes PVBs more likely to operate under pressure for more extended periods of time.

Shop from well-trusted brands like Febco, Zurn Industries, and Watts for cost-effective pressure vacuum breakers with anti-siphon purposes that feature a replaceable plastic seat, compact space-saving design, and easy maintenance of internal parts.

Reduced Pressure AssemblyReduced Pressure Assembly

Reduced Pressure Assembly

A reduced pressure assembly is vital for ultimate protection in high-hazard applications—in commercial sites or fertigation systems, it’s the only mechanical assembly allowed.

As the name implies, RPs reduce water pressure to around 10 PSI as water passes through it. They feature a relief valve between two spring-loaded check valves that can discharge water in order to reduce pressure. This combination of valves provides the best level of protection for your water supply, resulting in a higher price tag.

Febco, Watts, and Zurn Industries are brands that are trusted for decades in providing quality RPs that make light work of even the most health-hazardous applications. With the right reduced pressure assemblies, you can be confident that you’re preventing dangerous cross-connections from occurring in drinking water supplies, all while staying in accordance with national plumbing codes.

Backflow StrainersBackflow Strainers

Backflow Strainers

Protect your fragile equipment from harsh sediments with backflow strainers. If delicate devices like backflow preventers are continuously exposed to rough materials, premature failure may take place. You’ll want to take the necessary steps to avoid frustration, cost, and time in the future by equipping your systems with durable, top-quality strainers from industry-trusted brands.

Reinders carries select strainers from Zurn Industries to catch debris and prevent build-up, ready to use for various applications. Not only will you protect water from dirt, rust, and other damaging waste, you’ll also protect your piping system from breaking down.

Backflow Repair Parts and SupplyBackflow Repair Parts and Supply

Backflow Repair Parts Supply

Assemblies, breakers, and backflow preventers are only as good as the components that create them. Shop from a large selection of repair parts and supplies that keep your devices running effectively and efficiently.

Reinders carries repair parts from brands like Watts, Zurn Industries, and Febco that are readily available for purchase, so your project costs remain low and your business stays busy and productive.

Reinders is Here to Help

Professional maintenance of your irrigation system sets you up for success when treating and maintaining beautiful, healthy grass, farms, and land areas of any size.

If you’re looking to meet specific industry standards, know that you’ll find the right supplies from product series and lines from vendors you know and trust for maximum pollutant protection depending on your system.

Reinders has a team of irrigation experts ready to assist you in all of your backflow and water system needs. For product recommendations, troubleshooting, irrigation system tips, and to answer any other related inquiries, contact us today!

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