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Reinders is your SINGLE SOURCE for all your winter product needs! We formulate our own Ice Melt blends specifically for the Midwest as well as offering key products such as Morton® Safe-T-Salt®, Dow's Peladow® Calcium Chloride and a variety of spreading and other tools. Our staff has the necessary expertise to assist you with all your ice control needs.

Product Overview Melting Temp Product Information
Calcium Chloride Pellets
Calcium Chloride attracts moisure from the atmosphere. As the pellets turn into solutions, they give off heat to melt even more ice and snow.
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Magnesium Chloride Pellet
Less corrosive on concrete and metal than other chloride solutions. Non-irritating to humans and pets.
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Reinders Quick Melt
Calcium Chloride
Premium calcium chloride ingredient creates heat for faster melting and higher penetration rate. Consumer friendly packaging.
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Reinders Meteor Melt
Premium Ice Melter
Blended deicer for commercial and industrial applications specifically formulated for Midwest winters. Blue colored crystals for spreading visibility.
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Landscaper's Choice
Ice Melt Blend with Two Part Anti Corrosion
Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) to protect against damage to concrete. Coated crystals act as barrier to chlorides. Green colored crystals for spreading visibility.
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Professional Ice Melter ®
Coated with Platinum Defrost® for fast melting power
Melts snow and ice in harsh conditions of -16F and below. Reduced corrosion, environmentally friendly, safe for vegetation, concrete, metal, vehicles, and carpeting.
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Coated with Defrost® to ignite fast action
Defrost® is an organic anti-icing agent for fast action on snow and ice versus untreated de-icers. Reduces corrosion by up to 40%
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Morton® Action-Melt®
Fast Acting Ice Melter
Works fast to penetrate rapidly, breaking through ice and snow. Generates heat upon contact. Convenience size packaging.
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Morton® Pro SpeedIce Melter
Pro Speed Ice Melter
Works fast to penetrate rapidly, breaking through ice and snow. Generates heat upon contact. Bag sized for professional use.
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Reinders No More Ice
Economical Ice Melter
Blended deicer formulated to be easier on the budget.
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Ice No Mor
Convenience Package Ice Melter
Economical blended deicer available in 10 and 20 LB bags and 12 lb jugs which are handy to leave at doorways. Doesn't track inside.
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Eco-Friendly and Pet Safe
Not harmful to vegetation or sidewalks when used as directed. Won't burn or cause irritation.
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Tenderfoot Ice Melter ®
Designed with Pets in Mind
Safer for pets, kids and the invironment. Tenderfoot is salt-free, which helps protect your family and pets. It is safer for the environment and 100% biodegradable.
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Morton® Safe-T-Salt®
Rock Salt
Most frequently used, economical ice melter. Pre-screened so no large chunks or fine dust. Available in Wisconsin.
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Rock Salt Ice Melter
An economical choice. Available in Minnesota, Illinois
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Bulk Ice Control - Rock Salt
Bulk Ice Control Salt
The economical choice for large scale melting applications.
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Bulk Ice Control - Thawrox
Prewet Bulk Ice Control Salt
Combines the performance of liquid de-icing technology with proven melting effects of rock salt. Reduced bounce and scatter, corrosion protection and minimizes environmental impact.
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Tube Sand
Tube Sand
Great for traction in areas where ice melting chemicals would cause damage. Also use for vehicles weight for better tire traction.
Cryotech CMA
Safest deicer for concrete, chloride free
Works best above 20F. Long lasting, readily biodegradable, requires fewer applications than other common deicers. Can be used straight or mixed with salt, sand or as a liquid. Safe for pets, biodegrades to carbon dioxide and water.
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Cryotech NAAC
Exothermic giving off heat as it dissolves, melting ice faster than common deicers.
Works fast like calcium chloride, without the chlorides. Works longer, requiring fewer applications. Safe for the environment.
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Liquid De-Icer ProductOverviewProduct Information
Cryotech CF7
Non-Chloride based. Works on contact
Use for anti-icing, deicing, and prewetting solids. Non-slippery, good tire tracking. Prevents bonding of snow/ice to pavement. Used as a deicer, breaks bond prior to mechanical removal.
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Performance enhanced Magnesium Chloride blended with concentrated active ingredient.
Delivers safety, lowers refreeze point, inproves snow removal, reduces effects from corrosion, and increases snow/ice melt. Can be used alone or blended with salt for Anti-icing, De-icing, or Pre-wetting.
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State-of-the-art anit-icing, de-icing, and frost prevention liquid.
Unlike many products, Apogee is not acetate based, making it the right product for areas where acetates are prohibited. Elimnates negative impact on vegetation, emits no harsh odor, improves snow removal, reduces effects from corrosion. Can be applied in a standard stream line pattern for Anti-icing, De-icing, or Pre-wetting for sand or other abrasives.
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High performance liquid product designed for the pretreatment of salt and sand.
High performance liquid product designed for the pretreatment of salt and sand, offering enhanced melting performance with use of salt at lower temperature, increased penetration into ice and snow pack, reduced bounce/scatter, enabling stockpiles to remain free-flowing and lessen leaching, and dimish the effects of corrosion.
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Anti-Icing LiquidIncredible Orange®
Anti-Icing Liquid
Spray on to keep ice & snow from adhering to concrete. Protects in temperatures to -27°F