Battery Operated

No Outlet? No Problem with Battery Powered LED Lights!

Many people look to Christmas battery powered LED lights to decorate where power is unavailable, or where cords would be a distraction. These versatile LED lights are ideal for wedding decorations, wreaths, table settings and other event or holiday décor.

Battery powered lights are available in Microdot or 5MM wide angle. The brightest and longest lasting of them all is the Supercell in Warm White, which compliments most holiday and special occasions.

MicroDot LED lights, sometimes referred to as “fairy lights”, are a perfect option for indoor use on table top decorations, flower arrangements and centerpieces.

Add illumination to your designs with Battery Operated LED lights for a memorable occasion!

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What are the ways I can use Battery Operated Christmas Lights?

Take crafting to a new level without the power cords of traditional lights.

You’ve probably seen people use MicroDot lights in mason jars for tabletop wedding décor. Batteries on MicroDots can last up to 100 hours of continuous usage, so your decoration won’t go dark before the party ends. Fill jars or lanterns with the lights and glue the battery pack in a hidden part. Use just the lights or add reflective objects or ornaments for a little extra dazzle.

Add sparkle to your flower arrangements or mantel and tabletop displays!

Add a unique spin to your display by placing lights around and through seasonal objects on a mantel or tabletop. Match colors with the seasons! Attach the battery pack to an out of view part of the arrangement and tuck lights among the flowers. Green wire blends in with stems and greenery and can make your flower arrangement truly stunning!

Hang a Christmas wreath on your door and light it up with brilliant 5mm super bright SuperCell battery operated Warm White string lights. They are rated for indoor or outdoor use, so you can use them on outdoor wreaths and garland. Long lasting lights are commercial grade with coaxial connections that will weather any storm. Have a large wreath or long garland? That is no problem with SuperCell lights. Controllers can handle up to 480 lights.

Need white wired battery powered Christmas lights? We have them available in 5mm battery operated warm white with a white wire, and they will blend in with any white-themed Christmas and holiday decoration. Lay down lights on a mantel and place decorative snow or snow-like fabric over the top for an illuminated winter wonderland scene.

Halloween costumes can easily be wired with lights, be they white or multicolored. Multi-color LED lights look cool as part of a child’s robot costume. Use as part of a skirt or dress for an ethereal fairy costume. Lights not only add sparkle to a costume, they also make the wearer more visible on dark spooky Halloween nights.

These are just a few uses for battery operated LED lights! Let your imagination and creativity run wild! Discover new ways to use lights in your crafts and displays!