G12 LED Christmas Lights

The unique spherical shape of G12 lights is what sets them apart — the faceted, mini globe shape stands out against traditional lighting decorations. These lights are a fun and colorful option in addition to the traditional bulb shapes like 5MM, M5, and C7.

You can choose G12 LED Christmas lights for any project, no matter the size. Take advantage of quantity discounts available that yield wholesale pricing for larger jobs.

Our G12 lights feature 70 LEDs per string and are made from one-piece construction which increases the durability of the lights and ensures a long, bright shine for years to come.


Enjoy the Unique, Fun Shape of G12 Christmas Lights

The G12 LED lights, also known as mini globe lights, are eye-catching and a great accompaniment to your more traditional Christmas lights. The bulb shape might remind you of a glowing gumdrop or brightly lit berry, but either way you see it, these fun lights are a must-have for your next lighting display.

While the bulb shape is spherical, the surface features a faceted design as opposed to the smooth finish found on other Christmas lights. We have found that the G12 bulb shape is extremely versatile and an excellent choice for use as a year-round decoration.

Wholesale Discounts on G12 LED Lights

We are happy to offer our contractor customers the ability to purchase case quantities for larger installs and commercial projects. Wholesale discounts are available when purchasing at least 12 strands of lights and increase again when you reach 24 strands of lights.

Contact our Holiday Lighting team for more information on wholesale pricing opportunities.

G12 Bulbs Offer Year-Round Versatility

The great thing about these lights is you can use them for any celebration or gathering. The versatility is aided by the fact you can find G12 string lights in either green wire or white wire. The warm white and pure white bulb colors are perfect for summer celebrations.