Light Up Your Home with C7 LED Christmas Lights!

When looking at larger size Christmas light bulbs there are two standard choices. C9, which is a hefty bulb, but may be too large for decorating smaller buildings or objects. This makes the smaller C7 bulb an ideal choice for outlining windows and doors, outlines of small buildings, even swagging evergreens, wrapping columns and trees.

Indoors, make a bold statement by decorating a Christmas tree with C7 lights instead of smaller lights. Incorporate them into a garland that graces a fireplace mantle or staircase railing.

Popular color choices are warm white and pure white. However, trying new colors or color combinations can add a new spark of enjoyment to Christmas decorating!


The Look of Classic C7 Bulbs with all the Benefits of LEDs!

LED lights have made great strides over the last few years and are brighter and bolder than ever. This really shines through with our C7 LED string lights. These lights are fantastic to highlight rooflines and outline buildings, as well as decorate medium to large trees and shrubs. They are also great for lighting up porches, balconies, decks and railings.

Regular incandescent glass bulbs are fragile, easily broken. C7 LED Christmas lights have a durable, one-piece construction that is almost unbreakable. Not only that, they remain cool to the touch, so no worries about hot bulbs.

Using C7 LED’s instead of conventional bulbs will save energy. With less power demand you can run a greater amount of lights from the same outlet. You can connect up to 90 sets end-to-end, that’s up to 2250 bulbs!


Choose Your C7 LED Light Style!

C7 LED string lights come in several different styles, choose the one you think will work well in your design.

Faceted C7 bulbs have a diamond cut pattern them, giving them a unique glimmer that will lend beauty to your Christmas display. The clean white illumination of Pure White lights looks gorgeous on a snowy winters’ night.

Bring festive color into your holiday using faceted Multi-Colored C7 lights. Rich, vibrant colors of red, orange, blue, green and yellow are sure to make your holiday display stand out.

Looking for a more traditional bulb finish? We also have smooth opaque C7 Light strings. Use Warm White LEDs to wrap porch columns and railings for an elegant look. We also have multi-colored smooth finish bulbs, which are a lively addition to an indoor Christmas tree or outlining windows.

Add some variety with ColorWave C7 Color Changing lights. ColorWave lights are a unique way to add movement and color to Christmas or any other occasion/event. Colors slowly fade from one color to the other. Use in conjunction with steady lights of similar colors for a different look to your display.