5MM LED Christmas Lights

5MM wide angle LED Christmas lights are one of the most popular lighting choices among holiday decorators. Their ability to be used in almost any display and for nearly any application is what sets them apart. The one-piece construction provides for enough durability to withstand the cold summer months and the hottest summer heat while maintaining a solid, bright glow all year long.

The small, compact bulb found in 5MM Christmas mini lights lends to an incredibly vibrant and colorful shine. You will find that your 5MM LED lights are great for wrapping trees and bushes, railings, rooflines, and just about anywhere else you can string lights. These classic lights are great for any occasion.

Types of 5MM LED Christmas Lights

5MM wide angle Christmas lights are one of the most popular holiday lighting products. You can elegantly enhance any lighting display with the addition of 5MM LED lights, and no matter the application or occasion, we have a set of lights that is perfect for you.

For traditional displays, we carry both 50-count and 70-count 5MM wide angle LED string lights. These 5MM bulbs are available in almost any color you can imagine with a bright, steady shine. If you are looking for something Christmas-specific, we recommend the 5MM icicle lights which look fantastic against a wintery backdrop.

For your special occasions and celebrations, make a statement with 5MM glisten, 5MM strobes, or LED twinkle lights. To wrap your trees, shrubbery, and bushes, try the 5MM net lights or trunk wrap lights.

Hanging Your Wide Angle 5MM LED Lights

The classic look of the 5MM bulbs allow you to hang them just about anywhere, seriously. Popular places to hang these lights include fence and rooflines, mantels, Christmas trees, shrubbery, and many more.

Whether it is a birthday party or anniversary, a bridal shower or Halloween night, there is a set of 5MM LED lights that is perfect for your occasion.

The wide angle 5MM LED bulb distributes the light in a manner which creates a clean, even glow. They won’t dominate your lighting display but at the same time, they’re hard to miss. A classic Christmas light with an energy-efficient and steady LED shine — it’s no wonder they’re a customer favorite.

Choose One of Our Most Popular Christmas Lights!

We carry 5MM LED lights in three different wire colors: green, white, and brown. The respective wire colors work best in different environments.

We recommend the green wire when decorating your landscape in the spring and summer months. The brown wire is perfect for homes with darker exteriors and looks great when they’re used to wrap trees and other parts of your landscaping. The white wire is going to be your go-to when decorating during the winter months.