Minleon C7 SMD LED Bulbs

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Minleon C7 SMD LED Retrofit Bulbs are sleek and smooth, ready to illuminate the exterior of homes or businesses

C7 LED Christmas Light BulbsC7 LED Christmas Light Bulbs

Replace old incandescent Christmas lights with something simple and elegant: Minleon C7 SMD LED Retrofit bulbs.

C7 replacement bulbs are smaller in size than hefty C9 bulbs, perfect for framing windows or doors with radiant lighting, but are more prominent than C6s to stand out on larger areas and displays. The bulbs are a nostalgic oval shape with either a faceted or smooth finish depending on your needs, exuding bright color and high intensity. Replacing old C7 bulbs is easy; simply screw in Minleon C7 SMD LED Retrofit bulbs into any existing C7 socket to keep the holidays festive all season long.


Make your display the best on the block; Minleon C7 SMD LED Retrofit bulbs make all the difference
The differences between C7 LED replacement bulbs may be slight, but the impact makes a difference; take the Minleon C7 bulb, for example.

The Minleon C7 LED SMD Retrofit Bulb is bright and bold, with either a faceted finish or smooth finish and oval-like shape. Displays and light strings welcome this energy-saving upgrade, with more shining light and consistent color.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s address some things that may be on your mind.

Colorful C7 Light BulbsColorful C7 Light Bulbs

What exactly does SMD even stand for?

SMD means the bulb is a Surface Mounted Device (diode). Two pins no longer poke through an integrated circuit board; instead, surface mount components allow for flat installation on circuit boards. The result is a brighter, more luminous bulb with better light dispersion.

So, if the illumination is brighter, do the Minleon C7 bulbs use up more energy?
We’re glad you asked! Even though SMD Retrofit bulbs offer a higher lumen output, their energy consumption is lower. A Minleon C7 bulb uses 0.58 watts compared to an incandescent bulb’s 5-7 watt usage. More power + less energy = the best display on the block.

I see the price tag for just one of these Minleon C7 bulbs *insert wide-eyed emoji*- why so expensive compared to LED string lights with pre-attached bulbs?
Minleon C7 LED SMD Retrofit bulbs can fit into any pre-existing C7 socket. Talk about convenience! By screwing in an SMD Retrofit bulb into a line that previously contained C7 incandescent bulbs, the result is significantly brighter light with a longer-lasting life (60,000 hours on average, to be exact). Retrofit replacement bulbs, compared to pre-attached LED lights, can also be replaced as needed. They allow for more customizable installations with the freedom to cut cords to size, choose between different bulb colors, and combine twinkling bulbs with Minleon SMD bulbs. These characteristics combined typically correlate to a higher price point.

Okay, I think I’m sold. Where can I use my new Minleon C7 SMD Retrofit Bulbs?
Excellent choice! C7 Retrofit bulbs work beautifully in holiday lighting displays, for home or business interior decor, and perimeter lining for small windows and doorways. Choose between a stunning array of colors, from festive red and green smooth replacement bulbs to icy cool white faceted C7 bulbs to vibrant teal, pink, and purple options. There’s an appropriate Minleon C7 SMD Retrofit bulb that will get the job done whatever the holiday occasion.

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