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Wrap Your Trees the Easy Way with Christmas Tree Wrap Lighting

4th of July Trunk Wraps4th of July Trunk Wraps

Not Just for Christmas Trunk Lights

Tree trunk wraps are fantastic for trees, but they are also a great way to wrap columns and posts. LED light wraps are a great time saving addition to your holiday list. The entire 2’ x 6’ tree trunk light set net can easily be wrapped around a tree trunk and be plugged in, quick and simple. There is a brilliant color for any occasion or event. Warm White and Pure White are popular choices!

Trunk lights are also a flexible decorating option for use on bushes, hedges, along porch and deck railings. Trunk light wrap grid pattern measure 3” x 7” with 100 dazzling 5mm LED lights can create a focal point in your holiday or event design.

The design flexibility of Tree Trunk Wraps makes them a go-to for great displays, large and small. Red and Green are traditional go-to Christmas colors. However, it’s fun to experiment with different color combinations and create your own unique display. Combine wrapping columns in Warm White, while using jewel-toned Multi-colored tree trunk lights on bushes and shrubs.

Wrapping trees with LED Trunk Lights are most often used for Christmas holiday decorating, but they can be used for almost any holiday or event. Make Halloween spooktactular and bring on the purple, orange, and green . Add LED light strings or Icicle lights in Halloween colors to round out your scary display!

Halloween Trunk WrapsHalloween Trunk Wraps

Dazzling LED Tree wraps allow design flexibility

Summer is an outstanding time to show patriotic spirit with shining Red, White and Blue LED trunk lights. Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day are great holidays to brighten up with a brilliant display of LED lights. Wrap branches with blue string lights, and add a trunk wrap to finish off the trees. Red and White lights finish off bushes or shrubs.

There are no set rules for determining how many lights are needed for your tree or column. Each light net measures 2’ x 6’ with 3” x 7” grids with 100 5mm Wide Angle LED Lights. A tree trunk net light will fit a tree or column with a 2’ circumference. For large trees more than one trunk light set will be needed. Lights can be wrapped multiple times around smaller trunks or posts. If you would like to increase the brightness and light density, simply add another wrap.

Likewise, covering bushes or shrubs may require more than one set depending on the size and how many lights you would like to use on them. Each trunk wrap has 100 brilliant 5mm LED lights. The lights are extremely energy efficient and draw little current, so multiple light sets can be connected end-to-end. Connect up to 45 sets of Red, Gold, Orange, or Multi Lights. You can connect up to 25 sets of Blue, Teal, Purple, Pink, Green and Pure White or Warm White.

Save time on holiday decorating and spend more time enjoying your holiday dream display!

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