LED Chasing Rain Curtain

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LED Christmas Light Curtains and make it rain light!

Chasing Christmas Light Curtains are a unique way to create a rain or waterfall effects for a glittering background. Control the speed from fast to slow, with 5 setting controller that is attached to the power cord.

Use curtain string lights to highlight a backdrop or wall behind a display or reception table. Hang in a window to create a sparkling effect behind translucent curtains. Draw attention to a bar service area by installing the sparkling curtain lights behind the bar. Make curtain lights a part of your outdoor display, they are safe to use both indoors and out.

Add memorable decor to your event or display with LED Curtain Lights. Warm white LED’s work with almost any color scheme, holiday or events such as wedding receptions, dances or parties. Combine chasing LED rain curtains with translucent material and increase the falling light/movement effect and match your party theme.

The LED chasing light curtain is 10’ wide with ten 10’ drops. Each drop has 26 warm white LED’s. Want a slow-moving effect or something a bit faster? Use the attached controller to choose the desired effect speed from a gentle, slow light fall to a fast-paced light cascade.

Let the strands hang freely or anchor the strands with a weight on the bottom to create straight lines. Experiment with different ways to use curtain lights. Wrap lights from the bottom of a tree and wrap the drops around the branches towards the top, creating a light effect that runs from bottom to top. Add other light strings for additional color.

White light curtains are often hung in windows as part of a larger Christmas light display or just the curtain as an easy way to add a festive touch to your holiday without decorating the entire house. They are perfect for apartment dwellers to hang from a balcony or patio door. They can also be hung from eaves and on porches. Make sure you weight down the ends of the strands if you do not want them to sway with the breeze.

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