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Net Lights are Perfect for Christmas Decorating

Net lights on bushesNet lights on bushes

LED Christmas net lights are a great choice for easy-to-install holiday lighting. Chances are you have several bushes, shrubs, or trees in your yard. Make your landscape light up with a set of net lights and take your holiday decorating to the next level.

Whether your bushes are circle or square, tall or short, there is no shrubbery that a set of net lights cannot encapsulate. Popular net lighting colors include warm white net lights, pure white, and multi-color. Net lights are also available in 5MM Twinkle to create a soft glow with gentle flashing light.

Net lights offer you the ability to illuminate your entire landscape to make a bright and bold statement.

Especially during the holiday season, the glowing LEDs against the greenery of the shrubs and Christmas trees as snow falls is a magical sight. The green wire blends in wonderfully to the landscape so that the lights shine through with no distractions.

There are many applications for LED net lights. Popular uses include wrapping Christmas trees, bushes, hedges, and shrubs. The net lights are easy to install as they can fully wrap around the greenery.  Net lights are also often used as tree wrap lights around the trunk of the tree.

Christmas net lightsChristmas net lights

While a single string light can be wrapped around a bush or tree trunk, the net lights create the same beautiful visual while being considerably easier to install.

How Many Net Light Sets Do I Need?

Determining the number of Christmas net light sets you will need to sufficiently cover your bushes or tree trunks may take some planning, however, installing the LED net lights is about as easy as Christmas light installations get. Laying out the net lights in front of your landscape may help you better understand how much ground your light sets will cover, visualize the final product, and adjust as necessary.

A set of net lights is 4’ x 6’ with 100 5MM Twinkle LEDs per net. You can connect up to 25 sets together to cover larger hedges or tree trunks.

Our selection of net lights include colors like pure white, green, purple, and many more. The lights are full-wave rectified and feature 1-piece bulb construction.

Take your Christmas lighting display to another level with LED net lights!

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