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METEOR Shower LED Lights: Cascading LED Light Tubes

colorful cascading tube lightscolorful cascading tube lights

Ready to create a light show that looks like shooting stars falling from your trees? 

These stunning cascading LED Light Tubes create a captivating meteor shower of colors sure to entertain the neighborhood.

These tube lights give the effect of slow falling fireworks or falling snow and are rated for indoor and outdoor displays. The 24" size features 32 LED bulbs per tube, these water-proof lights can be seen from all sides and will help you step up your holiday decorating game.

You can hand these cascading rain lights in trees, along rooflines and on building fronts. Colorful Meteor Showers are great for holiday and patriotic decorating and the warm white tubes work well for a touch of elegance at weddings. Let your tube lights shine!

What do the pros use when they want to create an amazing light show?

Cascading Meteor Shower LED Lights. Absolutely.

You are sure to put on a terrific light show with these tube lights. They create a unique and dazzling outdoor Christmas display that looks like sparkling snowfall falling from the sky. These colorful cascading lights are available in a variety of sizes and colors such as:

Cascading Tube Lights in 3 sizes and 9 colors!

How do Cascading Tube Lights Work?

I am glad you asked. The bright LED lights are position down each tube and create a cascading light effect. With Different drop speeds between each cycle and random drop speeds when you connect multiple tubes together it creates the falling or shooting star effect. Take a look at some of the videos below:

It’s Raining Lights!

It does not take much time and effort to install these water-tight tubes but they sure do make a big impact. You can connect up to 200 tubes end-to-end with one threaded coaxial connected black power cord – (sold separately). These lights are visible from all sides, have black or white spacer wires and 4-way splitters for flexibility in design. You can place these tube lights where they are needed.

We have year-round inventory of the most popular meteor lights for all your outdoor holiday and special event lighting projects. Our products are professional grade, contractor tested and delivered at competitive prices.

The Possibilities are Endless

Bring your creativity and your excitement and let’s get started building your bright, meteor LED light display today. Have any questions? Our staff of experts is here to help!

View our gallery to imagine the possibilities and get inspired!

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