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Holiday Lighting Installation Accessories - Fully Install the Perfect Brilliant Display

Hanging Christmas LightsHanging Christmas Lights

The Hardworking Supporting Cast for Your Big Show!

As guests and onlookers take in the dazzling designs of Christmas displays, it’s easy to forget that there’s far more than just a string of lights needed to make that display come to life. Get the accessories you can depend on to withstand anything the winter season may bring and keep your lights shining bright all holiday long. Extension cords, adapters, spacers, and more. Even DriBox options in multiple sizes to keep all your electrical connections dry and secure.

What good is an intricately designed lighting display if it doesn’t have the power and protection to keep it illuminated when it counts? No one wants to worry about their Christmas Lights when they could be spending that time enjoying the holiday and making special memories! Allow us to help you make sure you’re well stocked by carrying everything you need to get those lighting installs done right and well to ensure they’ll be dazzling everyone all season long.

Along with the beauty of the Christmas season also comes some pretty unpredictable weather. Keep your electrical connections protected and dry with the right DriBox. These weatherproof boxes have 2-5 silicone channels so you can easily run your cords in and out and still have some extra room for excess cords with no worry about the elements. Whether its snow or rain or anything else Mother Nature has to throw your direction! Plus- their sleek black design will aesthetically keep them hidden from view while doing the hard work. With 3 available sizes ranging from small (7.8” x 3.4” x 3.7”) to large (13” x 9” x 5.5”), get exactly what you need for the size job you’re tackling. The weatherproof seal means there’s no need for any screws to keep it secure, so you can easily and quickly access your connections at a moment’s notice.

Dribox keeps connections dryDribox keeps connections dry

Looking for an accessory that can help you easily customize your design at the click of a remote? 

Add a Dimming Kit for String Lights to be able to adjust the brightness of your LED lights. This small attachment will quickly give you the power to make sure your light display is creating just the right ambience and effect you intended. The included remote allows you to incrementally bump the brightness up or down or jump right to 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%. A great option whether you’re setting up a system indoors or outdoors. Want to create a light display that’s bright and vibrant enough for a holiday party but can also set the mood for a cozy night in? This dimming kit is exactly the accessory to make that holiday wish come true. 

Any professional knows the importance of a sturdy and dependable ladder, which is why many trust Orchard Ladders to safely get their work done all year long. The work may be tough, but having the right installation tools to use can make a world of difference. With both 12’ and 16’ options to choose from, get the ladder you need to accomplish even your biggest jobs with little hassle. The best part is that these ladders are specifically designed to give added support should you be working on soft or uneven ground. Built with sides and a tripod leg that can penetrate the ground for stability, rest assured that any job or lighting installation can be done safely.

Light stakes, clips, spacer wires, even extension cords stretching up to 80’ for those impressively extravagant installs, whatever odds and ends you need to make sure your installations go off without a hitch- we’ve got you covered! Trust that every lighting display you put in will be heavy duty enough to last the winter but beautiful enough that everyone enjoying it won’t need to think twice about how you made that magic happen!

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