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Take Customizations into Your Own Hands with Christmas Light SPT-1 And SPT-2 Connectors

Snap on and quick connecting plug endsSnap on and quick connecting plug ends

Slide on and Move on with LED Christmas Light Connectors

When hanging your C7 or C9 LED Christmas light strings, you’ll need SPT-1 or SPT-2 specific connectors to achieve custom extensions and drops according to your lighting display goals.

Customizing your installs just got that much easier— these connectors are so simple yet effective, there’s no tools required. Whether you’re commercially installing lights for large displays or residentially decking the halls, there’s an appropriate LED Christmas light connector for you and your job that makes the holiday season run a bit more smoothly.

Our Christmas light SPT-1 and SPT-2 connectors are a clear choice by professional installers.

Create custom extension cords with 18 gauge wires and custom lengths by using SPT-1 or SPT-2 connectors, and bask in the ease of setting up your display.

Reinders offers both connectors to best accommodate to any sized project or any variety of Christmas light display, whether indoors or outdoors. The SPT-1 versus SPT-2 specification is an indicator of both the thickness and durability of the 18 gauge wire’s insulation. Existing and blank SPT-1 and SPT-2 wires welcome C7 and C9 LED bulb snap on sockets.

SPT-1 Versus SPT-2: The Breakdown

A SPT-1 specification is a standard, commercial grade option. Connectors listed for SPT-1 wires means that that particular connector will work appropriately with a .03” thick insulation. SPT-1 wires and connectors work great for holiday lights that stay up only 2 to 3 months out of the year. It’s suitable for most weather conditions and holds up nicely for traditional Christmas light displays.

SPT-2 wire’s insulation measure .045” thick, thus having its own specific connector to perform its best. SPT-2 wires and connectors commonly meet the needs of commercial installers for their durability and functionality through extreme weather conditions or longer-term installations.

No matter which specificity or connectors you decide upon, your 18 gauge wires stay protected and remain effective; the back cover presses the wire down into the sharp points of the connector’s opening, thus making an electrical connection. Place the plug along the wire wherever power is needed, and voila!

plugs and adapters for string lightsplugs and adapters for string lights

The Verdict on Connectors

Consider three key components for deciding which connectors are best for your goals:

  • The environment where your install is being set up
  • How long the display will stay up
  • How many light strings are required in your display

These three factors are all telling signs of which specific wires and connectors will be best for you and your business. Professional light installers often go with commercial grade SPT-1 wires and cords to ultimately save money in the long run (SPT-2 being the pricier of the two), because of the hundreds to thousands of feet of light strings they use per year.

Homeowners can feel confident either way in their commercial grade LED Christmas light connectors, since the amount of C7 and C9 string lights used and overall size of their Christmas lighting displays (often smaller than commercial installs) won’t make a considerable difference in the price they spend on SPT-1 versus SPT-2 wires and connectors.

Christmas light SPT-1 and SPT-2 connectors come in green, white, and black colors. This inclusive range allows you to pick the colored connector that not only matches the wire, but that will seamlessly blend into the roof lining or landscaping display you’re creating.

We carry both male plug and female socket options, so your custom cord is exactly what you want it to be. Be sure to match up the connector and wire with their appropriate SPT rating.

Reinders takes cares of all of your seasonal installation needs, with our reputable Christmas light SPT-1 and SPT-2 connectors and our small-yet-mighty range of commercial grade accessories.

If you’re looking for invisible splice connectors, lite clips, or DriBoxes, you’ve come to the right place. Use a weather-proof DriBox to keep up to SPT wires and electrical connections dry and secure, and join ½” rope lights with invisible inline spice connectors. We even recommend checking out our extensive variety of light clips that allow your string lights to run in smooth, straight lines along rooftops. By utilizing multiple holiday lighting accessories, you’ll keep your Christmas lighting displays looking professional, clean, and festive for the entire season.

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