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Holiday Lights Done Right, Thanks to Christmas Light Clips and Hooks

String Light hanging clipsString Light hanging clips

Hang Christmas Lights like a Pro with Outdoor Christmas Light Clips

Professional Christmas light installations look magical, sleek, and effortless. Your holiday lighting displays will be the same way, too, with a wide array of Christmas light clips and hooks to best fit your installation needs.

Outdoor Christmas light clips grip right on to gutters and shingle tabs, making it easy to produce seamless, straight lines with string lights; the convenience is second-to-none.

Decrease install and removal time with gutter hooks and clips for all seasonal lighting applications, best suited for outdoor use.

Seasonal installs only happen once a year, so be prepared when that time comes with the right Christmas light clips and hooks.

Whether you’re not sure how to hang particular lights, need back-up for elaborate displays, or want to create a more professional, sleek look to your home’s Christmas light décor, Reinders’ holiday lighting accessories have got you covered.

shingle clips, ridgeline clips and magnetic clipsshingle clips, ridgeline clips and magnetic clips

Our generous selection of outdoor Christmas light clips will have you decorating like a professional this season

Take a look at some basics to help get you started:

All-in-One Clip- makes long, straight runs of string lights along rooflines, works for C7 & C9 light strings. Clips to shingles or gutters.

Original 2 Hole Shingle Tab- securely clips under shingles, makes long, straight runs of string lights along rooflines, mounts C7 & C9 bulbs. Accompany with parapet clip to mount lights to flat surfaces.

Omni Clip- extremely versatile, suitable for all bulbs and string lights (up to 2 strings per clip), secures to either gutter or shingles.

Although the above accessories are just standard gutter clips and shingle tabs to get you started, there’s a variety of unique and specialty clips and hooks to assist any intricate install, whether for commercial or residential purposes. Use clips and hooks to seamlessly run smooth, straight lines around perimeters, rooftops, window linings, and other flat surfaces.

It’s now easy to decorate like a pro, making LED bulbs or incandescent mini-light strands shine bright along rooftops in a straight and secure line. Plus, removal at the end of the season will be even more of a breeze so there’s no stress or headaches to worry about; your holidays stay joyful, merry, and bright, all thanks to the best Christmas light clips and hooks on the market..

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