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C7 and C9 Light Sockets- Fully Customize the Perfect Strand of Christmas Lights

Snap on sockets for custom light stringsSnap on sockets for custom light strings

Deck the Halls with a Display So Bright They’ll Need Shades

C7 and C9 Light Sockets allow you to easily take any existing wire or blank 18 Gauge SPT-1 Wire and turn it into the exact string of lights you need for any project. If you’re working on a design or install that calls for a high end, tailor made finish, this is the best way to achieve it! Simply snap on the socket and base to create that custom strand that will perfectly illuminate every inch of your design. Available in both green and white.

The majority of C7 and C9 LED String Lights come with their bulbs spaced at either 8” or 12” apart. And while that creates a dazzling enough effect for some holiday afficionados, perhaps you’re looking for something more this year. Are you hoping to create a display that will really blow them all away and give scenes from your favorite Christmas movies a run for their money? Then it’s time to take your holiday lighting installs to the next level and venture into the land of fully customizing your string lights.

The perfect companion for these C7 and C9 light sockets is a spool of blank wire. With spools available in either 200’ or 1,000’ as well as your option of green, white, black, or brown, you’ll have the capacity and tools needed to successfully illuminate even the biggest installs on your schedule. Pair that up with a UL Slide-On Connector (Conveniently available in green, white, and black for a cohesive look to your custom strand!) and you’ll be ready to power up your design in no time flat! Don’t forget to also grab a DriBox to keep all your connectors safe from the winter elements as a white Christmas may be imminent.

Customize lights with snap on socketsCustomize lights with snap on sockets

Outfit your Sockets with Bright Colored, Long-Lasting Bulbs

What’s a perfectly sized Christmas light string without some vibrant light bulbs in each one of those sockets to make your display come to life in brilliant colors? Make sure to browse through our impressive lineup of LED Replacement Bulbs to find just the right style to make that design a reality. With an impressive variety in both sizes, you’re sure to find the exact bulb that can create the holiday look you’re hoping for. A rainbow of options if you’re looking to keep things simple with a single color throughout, as well as both Sun Warm and Cool White for any white light lovers, but also 5-Multi options of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue in both C7 and C9 if you’re wanting to create that classic Christmas scheme everyone loves seeing on a string of lights. Looking to get creative with an extra magical display? Don’t miss out on our Twinkle and Color Changing Options that will help your light display dance and delight onlookers all season long.

The benefits of lighting up your holiday display with LED lights will continue to impress you for years to come. Not only are these “cool to the touch” bulbs safe wherever your install may be required, the energy savings when compared to the old incandescent glass alternative is incredible! You’ll be cutting your watt usage per bulb down considerably (we’re talking less than 1 watt versus 5-7 watts per bulb in many cases!) as well as getting a 50,000 hour life expectancy in your new LED bulbs. You’re getting a high-quality product and money savings on top of creating a truly special holiday experience that’s sure to go down as a new favorite holiday memory!

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