Billy Goat

Billy Goat has built the best leaf and litter vacuums for over 35 years. Other products in the Debris line include wheel blowers and powerful debris (truck) loaders.

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PhotoProduct No.DescriptionManualSpec Sheet
KD512-HC 5 hp 27" Push Vacuum Honda
KD512-SP5 hp 27" Self Propelled Vacuum B & S
SV50HQuiet Vacuum 5.5 HP Honda
QL2300-KO23 hp Kohler TRUCK LOADER
U1-2Battery for QL2300-KO
790112Trailer Kit for QL2000-VE
7901148'x5' Exhaust Hose Extension Flexible Steel
QB554-HC5HP Quiet Blower w/ Exhaust Deflector (Honda GC)
QB884-H8hp Quiet Blower (Honda GX)
QB100410hp Quiet Blower B&S Intek