Mitchell Turf Products

NEW Terafirm is a non-phytotoxic soil penetrant developed to promote accelerated water movement away from the soil surface. This is accomplished by reducing the water's surface tension and facilitating downward water movement.

ProactinEX provides a cost-effective method for treating turf with a highly concentrated blend of nitrogen in the form of select L-form amino acids, B-complex vitamins, antioxidants, etc. in a patented biostimulant formulation (Express Technology) that provides for ready uptake. At a 40% active ingredient concentration and a low application cost, turf managers can now afford to treat all of their turf while customizing their nutritional programs with a highly effective product.

TriCure AD is an advanced soil surfactant designed to prevent and control hydrophobic soil conditions while maintaining optimum soil-water management. Unique soil treatment capabilities make TriCure AD the most effective multi-use soil surfactant available for treatment on the widest range of soil types and turf applications. TriCure AD works by attaching to both soil and organic particles, reducing the surface tension of water, and attracting a thin film of water close to the particle surfaces. This allows the optimum moisture to be held for plant use while facilitating water release and effective drainage.

Pond Pucks are a natural, biological water treatment formulated to clarify water in ponds, lakes, and small water features while reducing muck buildup. A biodiverse group of beneficial bacteria are incorporated into the pucks to remove excess nutrients from the water column such as phosphates, nitrates and ammonia that can create an unbalanced ecosystem. Ponds containing excess nutrients are often cloudy, unhealthy and susceptible to algal blooms. Each Pond Puck contains diverse biological elements that work effectively in different water quality conditions, including facultative strains to work in low-oxygen environments.

TriCure Soil Surfactant Pellets are formulated for use as a fast, convenient method of applying TriCure Surfactant through hose-end applicators to prevent and treat hydrophobic soils. Pellets are designed to dissolve quickly to allow fast application with chemical dosage sufficient to effectively treat and prevent hydrophobic soils. Pellets can be used as a supplement to regular water management programs or as a stand-alone method of treating soils.

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