Georipper - Trenching Attachment for Stihl® TS420 and TS500i

  • Increased productivity over hand-digging
  • Decreased injury over hand-digging
  • Self-sharpening digging teeth for tree roots up to 76 mm (3") in diameter below grade
  • Remove rocks up to 101 mm (4”) in most soils
  • Bolt-on/bolt-off trenching attachment that is compatible with Stihl® TS420 and TS500i engines
  • Engine not included
Quantity (minimum 1):

The GeoRipper®T/A is a trenching attachment that allows users to convert their existing concrete power cutters into a handheld minitrencher in minutes. The new bolt-on/bolt-off trenching attachment creates a multi-purpose tool all-in-one powerhead. With added safety in mind, The GeoRipper®T/A is equipped with the MiniTrencher EZ Kart, a new safety bar and dirt deflection system to keep the soil on the ground and fingers away from moving parts. The GeoRipper®T/A S500 digs up to 500 mm (20") deep and includes a two of digging chains that dig around 50 mm (2") wide depending on your soil. Whether you have hard caliche, rocky or sand, GeoRipper has you covered with its self-sharpening digging chains making it a best-in-class handheld trenching tool. Ideal for landscapers, irrigation professionals, electricians and plumbers.

Included in packaging:

  • MT3500 Digging Bar
  • MT4502 Digging Chains (2-Pack)
  • 18mm & 13mm Combo wrenches
  • MTB45-76 drive belt for TS420 & TS500i
  • Safety Bar
  • Owner's Manual and Registration Card
  • EZ Kart included in box
  • GeoRipper®T/A for Stihl
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