Arkion - Flight Control Plus - 2.5 GAL JUG

  • Humanely works to manage birds without causing any harm
  • Spray on the turf to make the food source repellent to geese
  • Patented formulation of AQ
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FLIGHT CONTROL® PLUS is another patented formulation of AQ. Canada geese have become a major nuisance in North America and Flight Control® Plus humanely works to manage the birds without causing any harm. Flight Control® Plus is sprayed on turf to make the food source repellent to the geese.

FlightControl® Plus works in two ways:
Anti-feedant (consequence): Geese experience a temporary but very effective digestive irritation, usually within 20 minutes, when they eat turf treated with FlightControl® Plus.
Visual Warning (threat): Geese have four retinal cones (unlike humans, who have three) and have the unique ability to recognize FlightControl® Plus in the ultraviolet light spectrum in addition to the visible light spectrum in which humans see. The appearance of turf treated with FlightControl® Plus is unnatural and, once conditioned to the digestive reaction, the visual signal of the treated turf provides a warning to the geese not to eat the turf.
Studies have shown that birds will refuse to eat food treated with the active ingredient in FlightControl® Plus once they are conditioned.

What will the geese do after I treat my turf with FlightControl® Plus?

  • Geese will sample the area. They may react by shaking their heads, drinking water, pecking at their bellies and rubbing their necks. (Allow 20 minutes for response time)
  • As the geese sample, the conditioning process begins.
  • Geese will not die as a result of eating FlightControl® Plus.
  • They may feed several times, drinking in between, while being conditioned to respond.
  • Geese will learn that a treated area is not a good place to feed.
  • Geese have no choice but to find an alternative food source. This conditioning usually takes one to two days.
  • New droppings should decrease, and existing droppings will continue to age if allowed to remain in the drop zone turf, turning white with age.


Active Ingredient: 9,10 anthraquinone

For use on:

  • Terrestrial areas at or near airports
  • Grassy areas at commercial sites, industrial office sites, municipal sites, developed urban areas
  • Golf courses, sports fields, park grounds, home lawns and cemeteries
  • Landfills and dumpsites

Pests Controlled

  • Geese, including Canadian Geese


How to apply: When geese have begun to flock in one area and are problematic (i.e. where droppings are found), apply FlightControl® Plus according to the following rates to the grassy, turf, or forage areas where geese are expected to feed/roost. Goose droppings define the extent and scale of the problem.
For the initial application, use 1 gallon of product with 6-20 gallons of water per acre. For subsequent applications within the same year, apply 1/2 GAL of product with 6-20 GAL of water per ACRE.
Subsequent applications may be made at 14 day intervals as required by geese activity and anticipated seasonal migrations. Do not apply more than 7 times per year.

  • Mix with water based on spray equipment specifications and recommendations.
  • Apply using a fine spray pattern to evenly distribute over entire surface to be treated.
  • Allow material to dry before permitting human activity in the treated area.
  • When applying to turf, cutting of the lawn will reduce amount of repellent available.


See Label for complete application instructions.


  • This product may be used to repel geese, including Canada geese.
  • Do not apply when surface to be treated is wet or when rain is expected.
  • Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift.
  • Do not allow people or pets to enter treated area until product has dried.
  • Do not apply to sidewalks, parking lots, patios, etc.

See Label for complete restrictions.

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Weak aromatic
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