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A 2 Z Solution 

Syngenta is featuring convenient Golf Pallets for golf courses and professional turf applicators. This Offer features some of Syngenta’s industry-leading brands packaged and delivered together by your Syngenta Authorized Agent/Retailer.

  • (6) 2.5 GAL Jugs of Daconil Action
  • (6) 1 GAL Jugs of Headway
  • (2) 1 GAL Jugs of Medallion SC
  • (2) 1 GAL Jugs of Briskway

Daconil Action Fungicide

Daconil Action™ fungicide is a multi-site fungicide containing the most utilized active ingredient in turf: chlorothalonil, plus a “Turf Protein Booster” enhancing active ingredient Acibenzolar-S-methyl. Unlike traditional methods of disease control, this active ingredient is not a fungicide as it has no direct effect against pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Instead, it acts much like a vaccination. When applied, Acibenzolar-S-methyl triggers the natural defense response, or the Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR), of the turfgrass by activating production of pathogenesis-related proteins (PR proteins). The PR protein boost awakens the turf's resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses like drought. In addition, this internal response within the plant enhances its own defense system against certain fungal and bacterial disease attacks. Thus, Acibenzolar-S-methyl bridges the gap between genetic resistance and conventional disease control by activating the plant's own natural defenses.

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Headway Fungicide

Headway is a combination of two broad-spectrum, preventative fungicides with systemic properties recommended for the control of many important turfgrass diseases. Headway may be applied as a foliar spray in alternating spray programs or in tank mixes with other registered turf protection products. All applications must be made according to the use directions that follow. Headway is a member of Syngenta’s Plant Performance™ product line that can improve plant vigor and quality. The additional benefits are due to positive effects on plant physiology, which can vary according to plant species and growing environment.

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Medallion SC Fungicide

Medallion® SC fungicide is now formulated as a liquid suspension concentrate for easier handling and flexible mixing. Its naturally occurring active ingredient (fludioxonil) explodes fungal spores on the leaf, in the thatch and beneath the soil surface. The suspension concentrate formulation delivers the same reliable, broad-spectrum control of several key turf diseases including snow mold, anthracnose and bentgrass deadspot.

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Briskway Fungicide

Briskway® fungicide contains a cooling DMI (Demethylation Inhibitors) active ingredient – difenoconazole – paired with azoxystrobin, the proven strobilurin active ingredient found in Heritage™ fungicide. The dual modes of action from the two actives work together at a calculated rate that performs in high temperatures and controls over 20 summer turf diseases including dollar spot. Applications can be made at low use rates in any region under conditions susceptible to hot and humid climates without any heat restrictions or negative PGR effects.

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